Track Review: West Of The Sun – ‘Scatterbrains’

Though blasts of melodic guitars may not be seen as the most original of intros, they are more than welcome as long as they make me dance or singalong. And West of The Sun‘s new single ‘Scatterbrains’ makes me want to do both these things – it somehow reminds me of the psychedelic Eighties with that kind of music born out of the desire to entertain people and make them dance. Whatever West of The Sun’s purpose was, the result is pretty much the same: ‘Scatterbrains’ defines itself as the ideal soundtrack for an evening spent among friends, dancing the night away. Despite its poppy exterior, however, this track is in no way monotonous – the sounds created are original and exciting, with that psychedelic synth-touch making it impossible not to hit repeat. 

So, in an era where everybody seeks the ‘experimental’ or ‘extreme’, ‘Scatterbrains’ (as well as other songs by West of The Sun, such as ‘Fountains of Fire’) comes as a refreshing dose of catchy yet cool, classic indie-pop.

‘Scatterbrains’ is out now, and you can catch West Of The Sun live at The Queen Of Hoxton this Saturday, 12th July.


Marcella Sartore