TRACK: Snail Mail – ‘Pristine’

By virtue of her moniker, Snail Mail goes King Canute by attempting to stem the tides of technology and the waves of wi-fi on her new single, ‘Pristine’.

‘Pristine’ is a slacker analogue-catalogue of memories to an ex-amour, whose resonance still dominates. Après break-up every sight will blight, every jarred reminder has the potential to blind her. Once been, never unseen. A ‘clean’ break means a clean break.

Schooled by Riot Grrrl’s very own alumni, Mary Timony (Wild Flag, Ex Hex), this pupil has been taking copious notes. The handwritten word still has potency and at just 18 years of age, this sonic youth displays high-emotional intelligence and the ability to succeed where others fail to tread.

Photography by: Audrey Melton
Words by: Kemper Boyd