Tracks Of The Week, 06.11.15

Following their first album Some Dogs Think Their Name is No, Black Casino And The Ghost are back with ‘Veggie Tarantula’ – their latest single in anticipation of their second album.

The two year gap between albums has undoubtedly been a productive one for the band. ‘Veggie Tarantula’ – accompanied by a black and white performance video – is raw and hard-hitting; it’s no-fuss, unapologetic alternative-rock, harking back to their 2013 single ‘Hoboland’ with its slightly bluesy flair.

‘Veggie Tarantula’ is the definition of effortlessly cool. It’s rough, but in all the right ways, never on the side of messy, and perfectly strikes the balance between hard-hitting and controlled. Black Casino and the Ghost certainly know how to write a bloody good rock tune.

Until The Water Runs Clear, the new album from Black Casino And The Ghost, is out this month.

London-duo Pertini’s latest single, ‘Ally Pally’, pays homage (if you hadn’t guessed) to London, and the feelings that come with city life. Following the release of their debut single ‘Blackfriars Bridge’, you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking all of Pertini’s tracks were about London, and whilst they’ve made it clear that they’re not, these two certainly are.

‘Ally Pally’ focuses in particular on the fluctuating moods of Londoners, with singer Sandro Schiena explaining this idea: “It’s about constant mood swings and that extremely thin line between fervour and lowspirits.

This sort of emotion is present not only in the lyrics but in the music itself, which, while catchy, is undeniably springy and fluctuates in style. It’s no doubt something that will resonate with Londoners. And, for those that can’t empathise with big city life? Well it’s just an insanely catchy, very well written track – what more could you ask for?

‘Ally Pally’ is out 30 November.

Paddy Hanna is part of the Dublin scene, which has recently brought the likes of Girl Band, O Emperor and Saint Sister to the world’s attention. By keeping this sort of company (the kind that is swimming in talent already), it’s not surprising that Hanna produces such inspired tracks.

His second single ‘Underprotected’ carries almost Sufjan Stevens-esque vibes, yet is grander in many ways. Describing the track as “an ode to self-doubt, a story of embracing worth, while mourning the loss of a sorrow which once defined you”, it’s an ode, as well, to his songwriting abilities. It’s melancholy and lovesick, but never boring and, as well as embracing self worth, he’s embracing his own talent, with the track dominated almost entirely by his vocals.

Though it’s likely that he finds inspiration in his peers, ‘Underprotected’ proves that Paddy Hanna’s talent is his own, and it’s highly impressive.

Shifting from the norm, this week’s final track is, in fact, a cover. To be precise, it’s a shoegaze cover of Foreigner’s ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ by Gothenburg duo Pink Milk. Whilst it is as bizarre as it may sound, it’s also beyond fantastic.

With their ethereal vocals and accompanying grungy video featuring smoking skulls and pastel colours, Pink Milk have made it not only entirely their own, but entirely shoegaze.

Pink Milk clearly had a vision and they ran with it: this is how to do a cover.

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