Tracks Of The Week: 11.02.16

After a ‘Dave Grohl’ incident, which saw Peyton Bighorse (one half the step-sister duo) end up with dislocated knee and a torn ligament, Skating Polly are well and truly back in action. A year of hard work (and a lot of physio) later, the duo are barging into the music scene with their first ever UK release. Due out in April, Peyton and Kelli have shared the first track, ‘Oddie Moore’ – and it’s a good ’un.

The track’s described as being like “throwing my journals out for anyone to read”; its raw emotion is definitely clear. Though the band call it ‘ugly pop’, there’s something rather beautiful about the completely unwavering intensity of ‘Oddie Moore’. Lyrically – and vocally at times – the track is sweet in comparison to the music. And, though it definitely feels like we may be entering a bit too deeply into someone’s thoughts, it’s a sort of truth and authenticity that is, really, exactly what music needs.

The Big Fit, the new album from Skating Polly,  is out 8 April on Chap Stereo.

Taken from their upcoming album No Illusions, the latest track from London quintet SULK is, quite frankly, a dream. ‘The Tape of You’ combines The Stone Roses’ sun-drenched, summer-ready swirling guitars with a healthy dose of London cool. Call it 90s revivalism if you will – I won’t deny their clear influences – but with ‘The Tape of You’ it’s clear that SULK are dead-set on making their very own sound.

With its psychedelic undertones, mixing the best parts of their influences with their own agenda, the track drags the 90s firmly into a future: a future where I’ve no doubt SULK can be found playing their dreamy, shoe-gaze to a packed out Hyde Park.

No Illusions is set for release 15 April

In a world where a lot of bands strive to be super cool, Camden-dwelling and painfully trendy, sometimes all you need is a good anthemic rock song. Enter FORTE. That’s not to say FORTE aren’t cool, as such, or that I don’t sometimes enjoy a little bit of trendy posing, but rather there’s a lot less fuss around tracks which quite simply don’t need it. Take their new single ‘Goosebumps’: it’s one to be played (and sung along to) in stadiums as it is. FORTE make massive anthems that don’t need an overly thought out image around them – and sometimes that’s all we need.

What is even more appealing about ‘Goosebumps’ is its underlying sense of nostalgia. Reminiscent of Kings of Leon, FORTE are bringing back British rock with their polished vocals but consistently riotous sound.

Out now on the band’s Facebook, ‘Goosebumps’ is officially released Friday, 12 Feb.

Making a name for themselves in the Brighton area and booked for this year’s The Great Escape festival, self-proclaimed ‘psychedelic vomit’ four-piece Egyptian Blue are tearing things up with their new track – and accompanying video – ‘High The Hyena’. Raucous and disorderly in all the right ways, ‘High The Hyena’ is enough to make anyone fall inevitably (though definitely cautiously) in love with Egyptian Blue.

It’s tricky with trends like psychedelia – extra care has to be put into making sure your sound is not only the best, but something stand-out. By creating ‘psychedelic vomit’, Egyptian Blue seem to have done just that; it has its influences and likenesses, sure, but it is ultimately their own brand of pyschedelia.

‘High The Hyena’ is out now. Egyptian Blue will play The Great Escape in Brighton this May. 

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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