Gigslutz Tracks Of The Week, 13.09.13

Nearing sixty, one might expect Elvis Costello to be slipping into a trend of evoking age-old nostalgia in his music, but instead he seems intent on doing just the opposite, in recent years having collaborated with the likes of Burt Bacharach and jazz pianist Marian Mcpartland. His most recent partnership sees him joining forces with hip-hop outfit, The Roots who – likewise – are no strangers to collaborations: drummer Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson having appeared on records by John Legend, Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson, to name but a few. This unlikely pair’s current single, ‘Walk Us Uptown’, is a modest offering that blends Costello’s distinctive drawl with syncopated funk beats. Combining electro-tinged melodies with reggae-inspired brass bursts, it’s a perfect, soulful fusion between the then and now, the new and the traditional, the Costello and The Roots. Somewhat reminiscent of animated stars, The Gorillaz, ‘Walk Us Uptown’ is a dub-infused and colossally cool collaboration that does not disappoint. You can catch it on Gigslutz radio this month, have a listen!

The latest creation to emerge from Kettering band Temples’ own Pyramid studio is new single ‘Keep In The Dark’. With a distinctly retro feel, this psych-rock ditty sounds like a blast from the past, with a Slade-esque upbeat tempo and floaty, psychedelic melodies reminiscent of (rather less retro) Aussie rockers, The Vines. However, along with this explicit nod towards their predecessors, Temples have managed to retain their own unique allure, and have put their own undoubtedly modern stamp on this ode to the swinging ‘60s. ‘Keep In The Dark’, ironically, is an enlightened piece of pop, an enchanting, atmospheric ray of retro light sent to brighten even the rainiest of Autumn Days.
‘Keep In The Dark’ is released on Heavenly Recordings on Monday 7th October, along with B-side – ‘Jewel Of Mine Eye’.

Inspired by Brit-Pop icons such as The Stone Roses and Northern legends Oasis, Scottish lads Modern Faces are set on reigniting the UK guitar scene with attitude and guts. New single, ‘Lufthansa’ takes it name from the ‘Lufthansa Heist’ of 1978 – the biggest cash robbery to take place in America – and is filled with all the necessary drama and tension that you would expect. Packed full of ska-tinged, intense brass riffs, Kasabian-esque vocals and flurries of rushing guitar, ‘Lufthansa’ is a climatic indie anthem that signals the start of something pretty exciting for this new Scottish band.

So, if you fancy a bit of good old British guitar-filled indie, you should check out Modern Faces. ‘Lufthansa’ is released on 30th September, and the lads are currently recording their debut album.

You put the cock in cocktail, man...’ – Phew, with lyrics like that, it would appear that Frank Black is back. Back to the Black Francis we all know and love, the ranting, tortured soul responsible for the twenty two year old masterpiece, Trompe Le Monde. In fact, Pixies newest single ‘Indie Cindy’ most certainly seems like a welcome return to the TLM days, with all the characteristic punk-rock, eerie riffs and intense build up along with classic Black vocals and, surprisingly, no Kim-shaped hole. Juxtaposing brooding, spoken word vocals and a catchy, melodic chorus, Pixies have succeeded in creating yet another classic contribution to rock our worlds. Right now, therefore, I have no doubt as to where my mind is… It’s on the return to form of one of all-time favourite bands.

Recorded in Wales, with the help of the legendary Gil Norton, ‘Indie Cindy’ comes from an unexpected release of a four-track EP, imaginatively, and suggestively, entitled ‘EP-1’… I’m thus looking forward to EPs 2, 3 and 4 (wishful thinking?)

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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