Tracks Of The Week, 26.02.16

Taken from their upcoming EP It Kindly Stopped For Me, just ahead of the band’s first venture to the UK, California-based Sorority Noise have shared their latest track ‘Either Way’. Intimate and haunting, ‘Either Way’ is a sort of beautifully crafted stream of consciousness from front-man, Cam Boucher.

Dealing with the loss of friends and mental health is something that’s tricky to put into words at all, let alone turn into a track and release it to the world. Yet ‘Either Way’ is beautifully delicate in touching on such issues, the sombre tones paired with a sort of Cali sunniness: ‘Either Way’ is, I’d imagine, the dose of calm that everyone needs on a bad day. With lyrics like “I can be more than my head let me believe”, it truly is a glimmer of hope wrapped up in an endlessly smoothing track.

It Kindly Stopped For Me is out 22 April on Topshelf Records.

After being released as a demo, Mayflower‘s ‘Sienna’ went on to have plays on 6 Music and BBC Introducing – now with a shiny new video to accompany the track, it’s got a whole new lease of life. ‘Sienna’ proves that when they say less is more, they’re not lying. Simple, definitely, but far from boring; in fact, it’s ‘Sienna’s simplicity that makes it that little bit more appealing. Gorgeous vocals, perfectly matched soft drums and everything else falling perfectly into its place, Mayflower don’t need to over-complicate things to produce an effective track.

Emotional and anthemic, ‘Sienna’ may just be the start of Mayflower’s journey but it’s a bloody strong one and with its massive chorus I find it hard to imagine it being long before the lyrics are on everyone’s lips.

Title track of their new EP Little Miss London, Bulletproof aren’t holding back with their latest release. Telling tales of suburban nightclub culture, ‘Little Miss London’ is cheeky, funky and, ultimately, relatable. Oh how we all wish we were clever enough to know when to stop but unfortunately the band’s shouts of “One more drink” are far too familiar.

Bulletproof are one of those bands that can charm you in seconds with their boyish swagger, and their tracks have you on the cusp of either dancing or causing havoc – I guess their live shows can determine which way you’ll go – and ‘Little Miss London’ embodies just that. Raucous, but with just the right amount of control, ‘Little Miss London’ is the narrative to every young person’s nights out.

Little Miss London is out 11 March on Paper Round Records.

Recently signed to Wichita Recordings, Globelamp – aka Elizabeth Le Fey – is gracing our ears with ‘Washington Moon’. The first single, and opening track from her upcoming album The Orange Glow, showcases her haunting, almost witchy vocals – if not in sound, simply for their bewitching ability to win you over.

With the album stemming from a painful breakup and the death of her best friend, it’s notably dark, but with ‘Washington Moon’ Le Fey seems to offer a enchanting sort of escape; not a false happiness as such, but more a sense of survival – a folky freeness. As she says herself: “forgot about those petty blues.”

The Orange Glow is set for release 10 June.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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