Tracks Of The Week, 30.10.15

I’ll let you into a little secret: I’ve got an addiction. An addiction to the sweet, sweet sounds of The Prettiots. Kay Kasparhauser, Rachel Trachtenburg and Lulu Prat deliver wonderfully witty, sunny surf-pop, reminiscent of the likes of Best Coast or the Shangri-Las, with their own distinctive edge.

New single ‘Stabler’ is The Prettiots’ tribute to their favourite detective, Elliot Stabler of Law And Order. Frontwoman Kasparhauser describes their inspiration as: “A strong, dominant man with a love for justice and doing the right thing, an unpredictable temper, a strong sense of family values and some good tattoos. He doesn’t necessarily play by the rules but he always gets the job done.”

‘Stabler’ is filled with bright, cheery ukulele melodies alongside Kasparhauser’s sweet yet gritty vocals: the perfect ode to the perfect gent. And, although The Prettiots may incite a rather Marmite reaction, I most certainly love them and can’t wait to hear more.

At just twenty years of age, Brighton-based Max Pope delivers mature, dynamic and musically rich sounds, drawing on a range of eclectic influences.

New single ‘Less Than Nothing’ flows with Pope’s languid vocals alongside uptempo ‘70s-inspired poppy melodies and skilled bluesy riffs. And, with the addition of a brass instrumental, this fusion of diverse elements proves to be the perfect, catchy accompaniment to any Autumn day.

Less Than Nothing, the upcoming EP from Max Pope, is due for release at the end of November.  

Hailing from Bristol, Armchair Committee couldn’t have picked a more paradoxical band name; upon hearing the words ‘armchair and ‘committee’, one immediately conjures images of the mundane, the everyday, the boring… But, on hearing this band, those images couldn’t be further from your mind.

Armchair Committee’s new single, ‘Rawgabbit’, immediately demands your attention. Exploding with screeching riffs, pulsating beats and rasping vocals (not dissimilar to the likes of Chris Cornell), here is a climactic track that builds in intensity, and will leave you wanting more.

‘Rawgabbit’ is out 11 December on Deaf Endling Records. 

Belfast five piece Pleasure Beach today release their debut EP, Dreamer To The Dawn, and taken from the EP is cinematic anthem, ‘Hayley’. Filled with atmospheric, hazy melodies and delicate harmonies, it oozes a subtle emotive power; the perfect amalgamation of electro indie and idyllic folk.

Reminiscent of Arcade Fire’s gentler moments, ‘Hayley’ will leave you at peace with the world, ready to float away on a cloud of its dreamy charm.

Pleasure Beach’s new EP, Dreamer To The Dawn, is out now on Faction Records.

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Mari Lane

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