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Seeing Lins Wilson (Grammatics, Mother Vulpine), Tom Hudson (Pulled Apart By Horses) and Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin, Manace Beach) come together, Magic Mountain are somewhat of a super-group born of Leeds’ DIY scene.

‘Zodiac’ is their first offering, released as part of Come Play With Me’s 7” singles club. Two-and-a-half minutes of raucous garage rock, ‘Zodiac’ feels like a release of energy. Indeed, as Lins Wilson says herself “It’s been a long time coming for me to be writing and performing in a band like this – playing in Magic Mountain with Tom and Nestor is a total dream.” It’s something that’s been sizzling up, and has (if you’ll pardon the pun) erupted. ‘Zodiac’ is a taste of exciting things to come.

‘Zodiac’ is out 13 October as part of CPWM’s singles club

About to unleash their second EP – aptly titled EP2 – London’s Husky Loops have shared the first single, ‘Girl Who Wants To Travel The World.’

With the song about freedom, and letting someone you love go, ‘Girl Who Wants To Travel The World’ is a twisting, turning journey in itself. Husky Loops have never been ones to conform to genres, but ‘Girl Who Wants To Travel The World’ seems unafraid to explore them in a single track. From an indie sweetness with an underlying grungy rawness, ‘Girl Who Wants To Travel The World’ swirls into something else, something more commercially influenced. Whatever it is, it’s good.

EP2 is out on 6 October

The first song she’s written and recorded on guitar, Me For Queen (aka Mary Erskine) has released ‘Jessica’ – 5-minutes of soulful folk.

In Mary’s words it’s a “vulnerable song about vulnerability.” Vulnerable, it may be, but it also carries a wealth of sensitivity and talent. Having drawn comparisons to Regina Spektor and Carole King, Me For Queen’s songwriting is undeniably impressive. ‘Jessica’ sees her strip it back and present something that in all its simplicity is so emotive. An ode, perhaps, to her classical training, Mary manages to blend blues influences – coming from her Blues guitarist father – with modern folk influences to create a seamless unique sound.

‘Jessica’ is out now

Though still somewhat of an undiscovered treasure here in the UK, Seattle-based Noah Gundersen has actually got two albums under his belt, ‘The Sound’ being the first taste of what’s to come from his upcoming third offering.

With his soulful brand of Americana, blended with more modern rock influences, Noah creates a unique brand of electrifying folk-rock. ‘The Sound’ is taking this sound further; one which he’s already developed into something solid has become even more explosive. Indeed, ‘The Sound’ is the sound of someone so sure of their songwriting – and someone who’s got a hell of a lot more to give.

White Noise is due out on 22 September

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