Tracks Of The Week, 03.06.17

An uplifting track about being brave, despite, well, life, Circe’s Diner’s latest offering ‘Who Dares’ is unquestionably exactly what the world needs right now.

Describing the track, the duo explains: “Our timing and phrasing is a key part of the sound and is our way of keeping the audience encapsulated in the stories we tell, we have a bond and energy between us that reflects the madness we sometimes feel and takes our audience on a journey.” This connection bleeds out of the track, creating, above their haunting harmonies, something endearingly intimate and honest. You can almost hear the pair grinning at each other throughout the song, a simple sweetness that does wonders for lifting spirits.

‘Who Dares’ by Circe’s Diner is out 16 June via Rough Kitchen Records.

Norwich duo Sink Ya Teeth are bursting onto the scene with their debut single ‘If You See Me’.

Five minutes of painfully cool, post-punk synth pop, ‘If You See Me,’ is a glorious introduction to the pair: a display of their eccentricity, originality and desire to create something immensely fun. Blending pulsing rhythms with the softness of their vocals, and a host of synth-based madness, ‘If You See Me’ is both considered, and has an air of completely raw fun and freedom about it. This freedom – mirrored in the video which saw the duo fllm the results of inviting their friends round one Saturday morning with the promise of free booze – is what makes Sink Ya Teeth so exciting, and so likeable. It’s a bonus that it sounds bloody good, but it’s the overwhelming sense of fun that makes the track special.

‘If You See Me’ is out now.

The third track from their upcoming album, Land Animal, Genre-bending art-rockers Bent Knee have unleashed the spectacularly grand ‘Terror Bird.’

Speaking about the track, violinist Chris Baum says it’s about “fighting our natural inclination to become indifferent to the world around us.” This seems to be a sentiment that resonates with a lot of people at the moment, and in ‘Terror Bird’s monumental, avant-garde sound – a blend of frantic strings, souring vocals, of delicate lows and anthemic highs – it’s bound to lead to revolt. There’s something special about Bent Knee, and if the sheer volume and excitement of ‘Terror Bird’ can’t fight apathy, I don’t know what can.

Land Animal is due for release 23 June.

Taken from their album Lives of Ugly Demons (L.O.U.D) ‘Teenage Smokeland’ sees Italy’s Cruel Experience provide an introduction into their Fuzz rock sound.

An introduction, certainly, but by no means a gentle one. Noisy, driven and intensely exciting. ‘Teenage Smokeland’ is the sound of a band whose DIY ethos means they can’t be held back. It’s the sound of artistic freedom, and a band who are doing this for themselves. It is, however, also that of a band who are ready to be heard, not by compromising to get into the mainstream, but rather by making it so loud and addictive that it just can’t be ignored. It won’t be long before Cruel Experience are inescapable.

 Lives Of Ugly Demons is out now.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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