Tracks Of The Week, 03.07.17

Having picked up speed and support over the past year, Glasgow’s  The Van T’s are back with ‘Fresh Meat’: their latest single and four minutes of raucous, unwavering energy.

Drowned in feedback and riot grrrl influenced vocals, there’s a darkness to ‘Fresh Meat,’ but it’s paired with a unique dance-ability; grooves and harmonies to move your hips to. Hugely exciting, ‘Fresh Meat’ storms through its four minutes leaving you unsure if you need a nap or for the track to carry on. (You definitely want it to carry on.)

‘Fresh Meat’ is out now via LAB Records.

Launching out of Liverpool with the power to take over the world, Oranj Son’s latest release ‘Still’ is a dose of psych-tinged indie, suited for both dingy underground bars and stadium stages.

Perfectly balancing between ethereal, warped melodies, and ones which are hugely infectious, tied together by massive choruses, ‘Still’ combines Oranj Son’s inescapable psych influences with an air of noughties indie. Twisting the usually almost inaccessible nature of psych (in its weirdness) to create a sing-a-long anthem, ‘Still’ sees Oranj Son master their trade, and a sound that is uniquely theirs.

‘Still’ is out now via Label Recordings.

Also hailing from Liverpool, Joel Thomas is offering his overtly summery ‘Sunshine Funshine.’ With a video featuring Joel, his guitar, a beach and lots of ice cream, ‘Sunshine Funshine’ is guilt-free, sunny, surf-pop.

Amid claims of “as long as I got you, I don’t care if my heart stops beating,” Joel weaves foot-tap inducing hooks. It almost doesn’t matter that, as per usual, our English summer has descended into wind and rain: grab an ice cream, put all the sprinkles and strawberry sauce on it, and stick ‘Sunshine Funshine’ on.

‘Sunshine Funshine’ is out now via Label Recordings.

Despite classical training, and a love for techno and Jimi Hendrix, Alice Mary has somehow stumbled into being a pop musician. Though stumbled seems the wrong word; ‘Failing In Love,’ from her debut EP, proves that her tracks are thoughtful, considered and worlds away from the failings of love she describes in the track.

Rather, Alice Mary has grown into pop, combining her influences to create a sound that while predominantly poppy nods to varied interests. With the track self-produced, ‘Failing In Love’ introduces us not only to Alice Mary’s intimidating talent, but to her comforting intimacy. Everything about ‘Failing In Love’ is inviting and cosy – and really, really lovely.

Alice Mary will be performing with her live band tonight, 3 July at The Finsbury to promote the release of her first EP I Am Here, out on 7 July.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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