Tracks Of The Week, 03.11.14

Having played Reading and Leeds Festivals, and supported the Jim Jones Revue on their last ever European tour, John J Presley has also found the time to be writing some pretty cracking tunes.

Oozing fuzzy, dark blues, his latest track – ‘Honeybee’ – is filled with searing riffs and distinctive Vedder-esque vocals.  Exuding a vintage charm and brash blues vibe, with more than a hint of Jack White-inspired reverb and thumping beats, this is a song drenched in alluring attitude and swagger. As Presley’s gruff drawl growls with a vigorous passion alongside classic beats, it is plain to hear that ‘Honeybee’ is blues-rock as it was meant to be.

Download ‘Honeybee’ from iTunes here. 



With vocal hooks and swooning harmonies a plenty, California’s The Gromble are here to grace our ears with their quirky indie-pop. Taking their name from a Nickelodeon cartoon, the band have just released their debut EP and have been quick to have praise heaped upon them.

Reminiscent of the likes of Death Cab For Cutie or The Postal Service, ‘Creepy Jr’  is filled with dreamy electro beats, sparkly melodies and an endearing geek-pop vibe. As bright psychedelia meets orchestral alt-folk and an innocent sense of humour, ‘Creepy Jr’ is a track that will have you yearning for the sunny shores from whence it came.

The band’s eponymous EP is out now.



Having been filling the airwaves of late, with play from most of the 6Music DJs, as well as Don Letts and Jamie Cullum, the new one from Prince Fatty is an addictively catchy, undoubtedly joyous, fusion of genres.

With smooth, sultry vocals courtesy of Josa Peits and musical creations from Nostalgia 77, Prince Fatty’s dub-infused make over of ‘The Medicine Chest’ amalgamates jazz, reggae and bluesy dub beats to perfect effect. Oozing a buoyant energy and smile-inducing celebratory vibe, the combination of all these eclectic ingredients has created something truly wonderful that will have you on your feet in no time – whatever your usual penchant.

The double A-side single ‘Medicine Chest Dub/Skeleton’s Dub’ is out on 24th November, in the wake of the collaborative album, In The Kingdom Of Dub.




Despite the rather disturbing image conjured by the title ‘Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped In Plastic’, this latest offering from Slug is pretty much the best thing I’ve heard on the radio in weeks. Slug are a new band fronted by Field Music’s bassist, Ian Black, and couldn’t really be more of a contrast to the band’s other side projects… (Peter Brewis’ orchestral venture with Paul Smith).

‘CRWIP’ is a fantastic blast of experimental rock, with shades of the thrashing pulses of QOTSA, but with an entirely unique edge. As pummelling beats race alongside Black’s speeding falsetto vocals and discordant riffs ripple with gusto, this is a heartily eccentric track that leaves you wanting more.

Slug are apparently working on an album as we speak, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!


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