Tracks Of The Week, 04.02.15

Quiet Quiet Band certainly aren’t what it says on the tin… An oxymoronic name if ever I heard one. Just listen to new single, ‘Battery Human’, and you’ll know what I mean.

As acappella, multi-part, harmonies – reminiscent of Cornish trad-folk greats, Fisherman’s Friends – are juxtaposed alongside spirited folk melodies and a punk-infused angsty spirit, there really is nothing ‘quiet’ about ‘Battery Human’. In fact, it seems to scream from the rooftops – as “take a stand!” is repeatedly exclaimed – with an unrelenting raucous vigour and exceptional dynamism. Unlike anything you’ve heard before, this titillating track will leave your fists clenched and your body ready to dance like a loon with rip-roaring energy.

Low Noon, the debut album from Quiet Quiet Band, is out next month.


Liverpudlian trio, Hooton Tennis Club, have recently signed to Heavenly Recordings and are now set to release their debut single.

‘Jaspar’ instantly hits you with its warm, fuzzy melodies and chilled out, Sonic Youth-esque vibes. As psychedelic sounds flow alongside nostalgic grunge-fused rock, Hooton Tennis Club showcase a perfect blend of influences past and present, as well their own unique sunny energy and zest.

‘Jasper’ is out 23rd February via Heavenly Recordings.


Following the success of last year’s single, ‘Groove It Out’, Manchester’s Lonelady (aka Julie Campbell) has now announced the release of her new album – Hinterland.

Preceding the album’s release is ‘Bunkerpop’, a wonderfully weird and uptempo track that fuses together an eclectic range of influences. A funk-filled creation that is powered by an incessant, staccato beat and spangly, hypnotic synth melodies, ‘Bunkerpop’ will sweep you off your feet with its twinkling cacophony.

‘Bunkerpop’ is out 23rd February before Hinterland’s release in March. Pre-order it here


Also hailing from Manchester come Noir Noir – a raucous alt-rock quartet. A group of formally trained musicians, the band came together to express their passion for good ol’, meaty rock ‘n’ roll. And their new single showcases this perfectly…

‘Claustrophobic Love’ is filled with thrashing, piercing riffs and pummeling beats, immediately reminiscent of the almighty Queens Of The Stone Age. Which is no bad thing, in my opinion. As the band pound and wallop their instruments with a vigorous, enthused energy, eerie melodies flow alongside impassioned vocals. A thrilling slice of real rock that will have your head banging sooner than you can say Josh Homme.

‘Claustrophobic Love’ is out 16th February, via Nef Music.


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