Tracks Of The Week, 04.06.18

Coming together from various other bands in Cape Town’s small but mighty alternative/psych scene H O N E Y M O A N have graced the world with their first offering: ‘</3’/’We’

Bursting with unrelenting energy, ‘</3’ is the perfect introduction to H O N E Y M O A N – an introduction into a sound which, though starting as shoegaze/dream pop, morphed into something far grander, drenched in fuzz.

The first song they ever wrote together as a full band, ‘</3’ tells the tale of a funny/sad breakup via text, done so through a recording that perfectly captures the energy found in rehearsing – proof of H O N E Y M O A N’s strength.

‘</3’/’We’ is out now

With his debut album out last week, it would be wrong not to include ‘Close’ – the first single from Lachlan Denton’s (The Ocean Party) first solo venture.

Written after the ending of an 8-year relationship, after which he took up a two-month sublet, ‘Close’ is a melancholic, incredibly open, reflection. Proof that sometimes the loveliest things can come out of not-so-lovely situations, ‘Close’ is a taste of an album that is simple, but sweet; melancholic but chirpily melodic. And, to put it frankly, rather beautiful.

Two Months In Ben Woolley’s Room is out now

Having begun to make a name for themselves in the local and international post-punk scene as the youngest band to perform at Australia’s St Jerome’s Laneway, as well as creating AGEOLD (Auckland’s all-age festival) Yukon Era’s new single ‘Feel’ is yet another sign that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

About “feeling absent from others as well as myself, along with feeling crushed by the weight of people’s expectations of me,” as vocalist Christian Dimick explains, ‘Feel’s relentlessly fast pace mirrors Dimick’s turmoil, but sharpness proves that Yukon Era are a group of guys who know exactly what they’re doing.

‘Feel’ is out now

Since it seems the sunshine is (fingers crossed) here to stay for summer, it’s time to start sorting a plethora of summery, barbecue-ready playlists. Enter New Beat Fund, the LA trio whose new single ‘Surf Style’ is the perfect accompaniment to any summer day.

With the band setting out to create a track that makes you feel like “you’re driving a convertible down the PCH with your best friends, and you’re overwhelmed with that feeling that anything is possible,” ‘Surf Style’ is dreamily care-free, a much-needed dose of optimism.

Their forthcoming EP Chilantrhopy Pt 1 is out on 13 July.

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