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Since forming as a solo project of Sam Stacpoole (The Black Tambourines) in 2012, Holiday Ghosts has evolved into a complete lineup. Now, with his girlfriend Katja Rackin in tow, as well as members of The Red Cords, The Golden Dregs and William Weak, Holiday Ghosts are gearing up for their debut LP.

Sharing a taster from the album, ‘In My Head,’ Holiday Ghosts’ influences are clear. With nods to the likes of Violent Femmes and The Velvet Underground, ‘In My Head’ is a dose of super-sweet, stripped back rock ‘n’ roll. It’s unapologetically romantic, and incredibly more-ish.

The debut self-titled album is due out 22nd September.

“When writing ‘#53’ I let out how I was feeling about a lot of things. Existing on the road, existing at home, living in a time when a lot of younger people feel helpless — it’s all given me a new vigour and desire to be ferocious with our music,” says Weaves’ Jasmyn Burke of their latest offering, ‘#53.’ She’s certainly not wrong.

Presenting the world with a wonderful cacophony of noise, ‘#53’ is something completely fresh for Weaves and the music world as a whole. It’s manic, that’s for sure, a result of the band’s freewheeling composition style, but while we can’t tell which direction the track is going to take, Weaves know exactly where they’re taking us – and it’s somewhere good.

‘#53’ is taken from their upcoming record, Wide Open, which is due out 6th October.

Following his debut EP Salt, Liverpool singer-songwriter Marvin Powell has shared ‘Wind Before The Train,’ the title track from his upcoming EP.

Despite mere months between Salt and the latest release, Powell’s song writing has taken on a new lease of life. Where previously I would’ve deemed this impossible (on listening to Salt and hearing a talent that’s been developing since the age of 16 it’s hard to imagining it getting any better) ‘Wind Before The Train’ is even more bewitching. Powell takes his finger-picked folk style, and puts it under the influences of producers James Skelly and Rich Turvey to douse it in psych. The result is wonderful; just listen for yourself.

Wind Before The Train EP is out 22nd August.

The ability to book two tours with just one song released is an unquestionable testament to just how good that song is. The song in question here, is Dan Luke and The Raid’s ‘Black Cat Heavy Metal.’

The Kentucky 5-piece featuring Daniel Shultz (youngest brother to Cage The Elephants’ Matt and Brad Shultz),Kendrick Brent, Patrick Stewart, Dylan Graves and Anthony Joiner are, despite their stand-alone release, well-versed in what they do, and ‘Black Cat Heavy Metal’ echoes that. With Shultz and Brent having played together since high school, ‘Black Cat Heavy Metal’ is a sound that developed in days of house parties and fake IDs. And while it’s developed into something bigger, the rawness remains.

Dan Luke and The Raid are currently touring the US with Declan McKenna.

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Melissa Svensen

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