Tracks Of The Week, 05.08.16

Just a year after forming in a cold Manchester warehouse, The Empty Page are already wowing with their fuzzy, gritty but ultimately incredibly uplifting sound.

Uplifting, that is, both sonically and lyrically. Paired with a video of women of all shapes, sizes and ages singing along, ‘Deeply Unlovable’ is the perfect example of The Empty Page’s ability to be both anthemic and truly heartwarming. Their riot grrrl sneer paired with lyrics like “Why do I feel so deeply unlovable?” makes their initially cool-as-sh*t image and sound something that, whilst still maintaining its cool, is actually incredibly relatable. And it’s so incredibly refreshing.

You can pre-order the album now via Pledge Music– due out on Vociferous Records on 16 October.

Continuing to blow minds with their garage-pop/surf rock, Spring King have announced their latest single ‘Detroit’. Almost manic in its pace, but decidedly chilled in attitude, there’s no doubt ‘Detroit’ has secured itself as a live favourite in the band’s set.

Following on from previous single, ‘The Summer’, Spring King describe ‘Detroit’ as “a song of lost love”, but the underlying emotion is given a burst of energy in Spring King’s sense of urgency and pop-sensibilities. Set to soundtrack everyone’s summer, ‘Detroit’ is more proof of just how exciting Spring King are.

Tell Me If You Like To, the debut album from Spring King, is out now on Island Records.

Though recorded last year, Viola Beach’s recording of ‘Get To Dancing’ from their Maida Vale session has appeared in its most recent form on their (very tragically) posthumous debut album – and it’

Perhaps what’s most standout about ‘Get To Dancing’ is just how well it fits on the album, being the live session that it is. A huge nod to the bands undisputable promise and talent, ‘Get To Dancing’ isn’t flawless live, but rather equally as raw and honest as the studio tracks on the album. There’s a youthful ease and honesty to the track, that while present in the whole album seems to translate more in a live recording (whether this is a genuine difference or simply because I know it’s live I don’t know, but there’s certainly a feeling). And whilst in a sense it makes their untimely passing even sadder, it’s also a fresh burst of energy – and a glimmer of hope for new music.

Viola Beach’s debut album is out now.

After his critically acclaimed and Mercury Prize nominated debut album took the world by storm last year, it was going to be a pretty tough one to follow for C Duncan. But with a new album on its way, and the first track ‘Wanted To Want It Too’ out now, C Dunan’s showing no signs of shying away; or struggling to match his first efforts for that matter.

Though the upcoming album sees Duncan stick to his roots of one-man, bedroom production, his setup (and skills) have improved since the first. C Duncan manages to perfectly capture a whole world of emotions in just three minutes, and ‘Wanted To Want It Too’ is a suggestion that, miraculously, it might be possible to beat his debut.

The Midnight Sun, the new album from C Duncan, is available on Fat Cat Records on 7 October.

Manchester is certainly proving itself to continue to be the hotspot for fantastic new music, as can be heard from the new single from Bauer. Having supported the likes of Turin Brakes and I Am Kloot, the band’s latest album was entirely funded by their fans as part of Pledge campaign; a definite testimony to their popularity.

‘Made The Change’, the new single from Bauer, is filled with uptempo synth melodies, and races with a youthful, poptastic energy. A vibrant slice of indie pop oozing the perfect balance of impassioned emotion and carefree ’80s-inspired vibes.

‘Made The Change’, the lead single from Bauer’s new album Impossible Is Nothing, is out 19 August.


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