Tracks Of The Week, 10.11.17

Having supported The Libertines in Warrington, and now heading out on tour with label mates Purest, Bright Young People are preparing us for their life shows with the rip-roaring ‘So Confess.’

Brimming with energy, mixing Cobain-esque grunge with the swagger and confidence of a Gallagher ‘So Confess’ is, in true Bright Young People fashion, unapologetically brash and hugely exciting. Perhaps their best release to date, ‘So Confess’ sees Bright Young People only getting bigger and better – watch this space.

‘So Confess’ is out now
BYP play:
11 – The Monarch, London
25 – Cafe Totem, Sheffield

Speaking of Purest, the Sheffield four-piece are also returning witht heir second single ‘Waiting For.’

Following debut single ‘Always,’ ‘Waiting For’ is a dose of cinematic (though appropriately chilled) shoegaze. Hand in hand with a grimy, colourful and chaotic VHS shot video, ‘Waiting For’ is bringing something new to shoegaze. It’s hypnotic guitars and high-pitched vocals are enough to have anyone under its spell, while its moments of chaos snap you back into reality. It’s a journey, for sure, but one we’re willing to go on.

‘Waiting For’ is out now
Purest play:
11 – The Monarch, London
25 – Cafe Totem, Sheffield

Injecting a welcome dose of sunshine into this bitterly cold November, VISTAS are back with their latest single ‘Retrospect.’

Fittingly nostalgic, ‘Retrospect’ pairs shimmering vocals, with unavoidably danceable beats and hooks, making for 3 and a half minutes of head-bopping and foot-tapping; of long, summer nights and no responsibilities. However long away it may seem, ‘Retrospect’ has got us pining for next summer, and we’re certain it’s a track that will follow us well into next summer’s festivals, so learn the words.

‘Retrospect’ comes out today

Following a summer which saw ‘Baby’ stand out during various festival sets, Paves have now released the track via This Feeling Records for us to enjoy endlessly.

While we can’t help but wish we were still listening in festival tents, the energy behind ‘Baby’ has transpired perfectly – the air of summer paired with a rough-around-the-edges grunginess. It’s sweet, too, a heartfelt, honest plea for the return of a missed lover. Paves may look cool, but ‘Baby’ shows a softer side; and it’s a bloody good one.

‘Baby’ is out now

Melissa Svensen