Tracks Of The Week, 12.01.18

Taken from their aptly titled, The First EP, set to be released to the world next week, ‘Soft & Sweet’ followed ‘Luxembourg’ as the second precursor to what promises to be an incredibly exciting debut release from Other Creatures.

‘Soft & Sweet,’ confirmed what ‘Luxembourg’ first showed us, and what the rest of The First EP will no doubt cement – Other Creatures might be new on the scene, but the Dublin 3-piece ooze confidence and security in their sound. And so they should.

The First EP is out 19 January

The fourth offering from the band, ‘Honey’ sees Aylesbury-based Blushes delve into their RnB influences.

With goals to have fun with the track, ‘Honey’ certainly delivers. Straddling, RnB, rock, funk, with overriding pop sensibilities, the track is an incredibly sweet, moreish dose of unapologetic fun. With layer upon layer of percussion – the band make use of everything from a shaker to an octoban – alongside layers of vocal harmonies, and addictive guitar hooks, ‘Honey’ is the mark of a band who’ve set out to have fun, and are making sure everyone else does too.

‘Honey’ is out today

Having released POST- as a surprise on New Year’s Day, Jeff Rosenstock obviously knew exactly what we needed. An unapologetically brash, at times gloomy, but simultaneously hopeful, call to arms.

With the album recorded with the four band members stood in a room playing the songs live to tape, before some friends came to pad out the sound, POST- is an album built on unification, and it’s a sound that’s clear in ‘Yr Throat.’ It’s huge, triumphant – if not in lyrics then in the sheer magnitude of it sonically. A welcome surprise to kick off the year.

POST- is out now

I’m usually sceptical of covers, particularly if that cover is of a track from one of my favourite albums of the past few years. Yet, sometimes, someone can get it just right, as Vérité has proved with her take on Sufjan Stevens’ ‘John, My Beloved.’

Delicate and breathy, the cover beings a gentle tribute, before building to an exploration of her unique alt-pop sound. It’s hypnotic, an ode to Vérité’s assurance and understanding of her own talents. And a worthy nod to Sufjan Stevens.

Vérité’s debut album Somewhere In Between is out now

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