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Former Rilo Kiley frontwoman, Jenny Lewis, has now teamed up with Beck to deliver a wonderful new track – ‘Just One Of Those Guys’. The first offering to come from her album, it’s not exactly a massive step away from the gentle lilt of the Americana-inspired tones of her former band but that’s fine with me – ‘Take Offs And Landings’ was a trusty companion on many a walk home from school.

With her characteristically wistful lyrics, ‘Just One Of Those Guys’ sees Lewis’s enchanting vocals set to a backdrop of ethereal melodies and lilting country beats. A song for anyone hankering for a charming folk ditty with a hint of nostalgia.

Jenny Lewis’s third solo album, ‘The Voyager’ is due out 29th July via Warner Bros.



Having just witnessed their fantastic live presence, I couldn’t not mention The Wytches this week. Blasting onto the stage with their anguished, grunge-infused rock, they immediately captured my attention and I’ve made it my mission to listen to them every day. However, it turns out not all songs are as vigorously energetic and heavy as initially presumed… Brand  new track, ‘The Holy Tightrope’ (B Side to their current single), has a more lo-fi vibe than you might expect; filled with eerie, almost discordant riffs, surging reverb and just a sinister whisper of Bell’s vocals, this track serves as a perfect introduction to the young band’s dark side.

Exuding a bit more ambience and a bit more gloom, but equally as much excitement and skill as previous tracks, ‘The Holy Tightrope’ thus cements The Wytches’ reputation as no one trick pony and only goes to show they’re here for the long haul.

About to embark on a US tour, The Wytches are set to release 7 inch single ‘Wire Frame Mattress’ (with ‘The Holy Tightrope’) on 7th July, ahead of their debut album – ‘Annabel Dream Reader’- due out in August.


Being compared to the likes Kyuss before even being signed to a record label is quite a feat, but one which alt-blues-rock outfit – Goy Boy McIlroy – well deserve. New single ‘Redemption Caramel’ proves that you should most certainly believe the hype – with climatic beats, raw, pounding riffs and an intense, theatrical vibe, it’s an eerily captivating track that will draw you into its darkness in an instant.

An inspired and original creation that will leave your spine tingling and your head banging.

Watch their own ‘home video’ to the track here:

Taken from her recent album, ‘Last War’, Haley Bonar’s latest single is a charming, folk-inspired track that will leave you in a tranquil state of ecstasy. That is, until you realise the somewhat unsettling realism of the lyrics. Still, ‘Eat For Free’, draws you into its dark beauty with Bonar’s sugar-coated vocals and hypnotic melodies in the same way that Laura Viers can create a protest song that sounds like a lullaby.

Having been receiving an abundance of airplay from Ms Laverne, ‘Eat For Free’ is a simply lovely offering from an exceedingly talented singer songwriter. And, despite its dark side, it will lull you into a sunny sense of calm and leave you hankering for more of the same.

‘Last War’ was out last month on Graveface records.


Bluegrass quintet, Trampled By Turtles, are due to release a new album next month, ahead of which they’ve treated us to a brand new video. ‘Are You Behind The Shining Star?’ is a heartwarming slice of folk filled with twinkling harmonies and catchy melodies. This track strikes a perfect balance between a charming ballad and an energy-fused foot-tapper.

As Tim Saxhaug oozes his soothing vocals alongside the frolicking fiddles and bright banjo, ‘Are You Behind The Shining Star?’ has everything you could ask for from an Americana-esque folk ditty.

New album, ‘Wild Animals’ will be released 29th July on Thirty Tigers.


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