Tracks Of The Week, 16.09.17

Taken from their upcoming debut EP, Little Grim’s latest single ‘Infectious’ is an emotive introduction to the band. Inspired by the emotional confusion caused by abusive relationships, ‘Infectious’ sees the vocals take centre stage to create something truly gripping and poignant. Yet while ‘Infectious’ begins as something incredibly stripped back, the end product is something huge; a concoction of quirky sounds that leave you whirling.

Hand in hand with a super cool animated video, ‘Infectious’ is a minimalist dream that is, rather aptly, very infectious.

‘Infectious’ is out now

Sharing their debut single ‘Soft & Pink,’ Brighton-based Twilight Driving are presenting us with their brand of shimmering, synth-laden indie rock.

In 2 and a half minutes, Twilight Driving prove their sound as one that’s incredibly established. With massive sing-able choruses, danceable riffs and a whole host of influences, ‘Soft & Pink’ is a fine example of an indie pop track. It’s effortlessly cool and endlessly fun, and sets Twilight Driving up for very exciting things.

‘Soft & Pink’ is out now

‘Mindchanger,’ the latest offering from Leeds outfit Party Hardly, is a huge dose of ferocious indie rock. In the bands own words: “‘Mindchanger’ is an ode to the experiences felt by the parents of the youth of yesterday. Played out through the perspective of a parent struggling with the difficult nature of anxty teen, the song takes the listener through a journey of their own personal past, with a new meaning easily discovered upon each listen. To put it simply, Matt now rarely misses a Sunday roast!”

Aptly, ‘Mindchanger’ sounds like a snarling, snarky teenager in its unrelenting ferocity, but it’s powerful too. And if it can make you want to call your mum just as much as it can make you want to go a little bit mental to the track, it’s doing its job.

‘Mindchanger’ is set for release on 29 September

Lyrically exploring “feelings of isolation, pain and bodily disconnection” and tackling the need to talk about mental health in society, ‘The Silence,’ the latest offering from Manchester’s RUNAH, is an emotionally charged 4 minutes of pure magic.

Hand in hand with an equally captivating video, ‘The Silence’ manages to evoke all manner of feelings. It’s a fitting ode to the difficulty in both talking about mental health as a sufferer, and those seeking to help them, but also the ease at which can be done: certainly, if RUNAH can write such wonderful tracks on the matter, we can surely try and strike up well-needed conversations in every day society.

‘The Silence’ is out now

Released in the run up to a huge gig at The Lexington this Monday (18th September), ‘Lost’ is the anthemic new offering from Sea Girls.

Reminiscent of noughties indie bands, with pounding rhythms and huge choruses, ‘Lost’ is feel-good heart-felt indie that’s made for singing at the top of your lungs with all your best mates. Within a single listen, ‘Lost’ will have you hooked. This definitely places Sea Girls as one of the most exciting new indie bands of the moment.

‘Lost’ is out now. Sea Girls play:
18 – The Lexington, London
30 – Live At Leeds / Ones To Watch
7 – Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester
21 – SWN Festival, Cardiff

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