Tracks Of The Week, 19.06.17

SuperGlu are known for having fun: for their sheer infectious joy and youthfulness. Not about to change, the Manningtree four-piece have released ‘Welcome Home’ as part of the Communion Singles Club and it’s spectacular.

Drifting somewhere between punk and Britpop  – barrels of fun but with a snarling attitude – ‘Welcome Home’ embodies why SuperGlu are so easy to fall in love with. Between yells of “I can’t get over this feeling it’s so good,” shimmering harmonies and hooks that make you want to get up and dance, ‘Welcome Home’ sees bubbly positivity made super. fucking. cool.

‘Welcome Home’ is available to stream now, and out on vinyl from 28 July.

Coming together from previous punk bands – Kill Kenada and Ice Sea Dead People – there’s obviously a wealth of talent in Dancehall. 

Their latest single, ‘Virgin’ is, in the band’s words: “a nod to the pressures of modern youth and the loss of it through advertising, media, sex, social media, etc. A faint farewell to the clichéd values that they have been built upon and a repositioning of rock ‘n’ roll’s tired message”. With a video that sees the band venture to their local newsagents for their pre-practice routine, ‘Virgin’ sees Dancehall perfectly straddle between a serious message and the ability to have fun. They may be seasoned – sonically ‘Virgin’ is beyond tight – but they’re certainly not above having a boogie and singing “it’s okay to be a virgin” in their local offy.

The record is released on 7″ vinyl courtesy of the band’s own label, Anti Vibe Music Group & Strong Island Records.

Off the back of their self-titled EP, Seegulls are back with their new track ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat.’

‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’ is the mark of change for the band. Inspired by the taboos and misunderstandings surrounding eating disorders, the tribulations of their third year of uni, and, inevitably, the terrifying uncertainty and unrest in the world at the moment, ‘Eat Lazarus, Eat’ sees Seegulls pack a little more anger than their previous releases; a step away from noughties indie and into rage-fuelled punk. And while it doesn’t stray too far – Seagulls are still recognisable as a band – ‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’ is the mark of a band not afraid to grow, and respond to the world around them.

‘Eat, Lazarus, Eat’ is out now.

No doubt a track known to those who’ve seen them live, Sheffield’s Bang Bang Romeo have shared ‘Chemical’ as their debut single.

It’s tricky to describe ‘Chemical’ as anything but completely, overwhelmingly breathtaking. While it’s certainly a track that should be seen live – lead singer Anastasia has a completely unrivalled talent and presence – they’ve done wonders at catching its spirit on record. And to make it more incredulous? ‘Chemical’ was written by guitarist Ross when he was just 17, to challenge the idea that love is simply a chemical reaction.

It might set the bar high for future releases, but with a debut as magical as ‘Chemical,’ I’ve no doubt Bang Bang Romeo can do it.

‘Chemical’ is out now.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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