Tracks Of The Week, 08.05.15

Signed to Saddle Creek Records, Hop Along are a band cocktailing the stereotypical grunge sound with effortless folk influences. One of the more stimulating releases from this Philadelphia three-piece is the intensely ardent ‘Powerful Man’.

Taken from Hop Along’s 2015 album, ‘Powerful Man’, is a combination of luxurious, dizzy guitar lines and spellbinding adrenaline that blasts from the vocals of the almighty Frances Quinlan. The ‘grunge folk’ combination brilliantly shines through on this track in full-frontal glory making this indulgent track one for the history books.

If you haven’t already got your mittens on Hop Along’s third LP, Painted Shut, then what are you waiting for?

The previously-branded “secret weapon” of Scotland, and Gigslutz championed, carnage-inducing The LaFontaines are gearing up to set sail into the mainstream with their eyes on the prize, due to the release of their new, sophisticated-sounding single, ‘King’. With their debut album, CLASS, finally dropping June 8 – leaving fans in cold sweats of excitement – ‘King’ is the first look at what we can imagine from a release so anticipated.

Powered by electrified repetition and fuelled by frontman, Ker Okan’s, passionately motivating vocal, ‘King’ is an expression of freedom, a celebration of everything The LaFontaines have been grafting excruciatingly hard for. It’s a clear marker, leaving no doubts that this band means war.  All hail the ‘King’, the future has never been so bright.

Welsh five-piece Tree Of Wolves have fizzed up their rapidly extending reputation that surrounds them with the ravenous release of their Sleepwalking EP, featuring new single, ‘Shapes’. Merging contrasting female/male vocals with the slick ability to crank up tension (only to ease out the built-up pressure immediately), ‘Shapes’ is a song demanding an applause.

The juxtaposing elements of ‘Shapes’ manages to make Tree of Wolves – who have both David R. Edwards (Datblygu) and Ghostpoet’s John Blease featuring on their Sleepwalking EP – a band ready to unfold their wares and take the UK by storm in 2015. You heard it here: ‘Shapes’ by Tree Of Wolves is where music is at.

Signed to The Coral’s James Skelly’s Skeleton Key label, collaborative Liverpudlian project She Drew The Gun have furthered the almighty hype by releasing their second single. Following a flourishing reaction to the release of debut single, ‘If You Could See’, is the aesthetically pleasing, ‘Since You Were Not Mine’.

The rich, honeyed vocal of She Drew The Gun’s Louisa Roach induces the listener into a frenzied state of euphoria, infecting the heart, soul and mind with affection for this project immediately. The game-changing, minimalist track, ‘Since You Were Not Mine’, is to be released on May 25.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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