Tracks Of The Week, 20.10.17

Introducing us to his own brand of dreamy guitar pop, Hoult has shared his debut single ‘Pharmacy.’

Building from wistful intimacy to a powerful folk-tinged indie-pop track, ‘Pharmacy “summarises the feeling of frustration when you cannot help someone you care about.” There’s a dark side to ‘Pharmacy’ for sure, but it’s energetic, according to Hoult, representing the mask people wear on a daily basis. It’s undeniable that the themes behind ‘Pharmacy’ will resonate with everyone, but stripped away is, quite simply, a very good track.

‘Pharmacy’ is out now

The new project from songwriter Inti Rowland, Rivera is sharing his debut single ‘We’re Alive’. Born in Chile and raised in London, Rivera’s music lies firmly between the two cities.

In ‘We’re Alive,’ Rivera blends the urgent chaos of London with a sun-soaked calmness of Chile; chaotic vocals calmed by his soothing vocals. Tackling the delicate subject of a car crash on a reckless night – “when your confidence runs away from you and you think you’re invincible” – ‘We’re Alive’ presents a serious message handled delicately and beautifully. It’s an incredibly impressive first offering.

‘We’re Alive’ is out now

Ahead of the release of his debut album A Different Light, Dream Giant (aka Harry Dean) has released a taster in the form of ‘Every Song.’

Displaying Dean’s pysch/pop sensibilities – his swirling kaleidoscopic instrumentals and soaring vocals – ‘Every Song’ is an exciting taste of what’s to come from the debut. It’s bittersweet, and taken from an album written and produced between his colourful London bedroom and a windowless backroom of a laundrette in Brighton, amongst the glimmering psych-influences is a rawness. And it works pretty perfectly. Now just to wait for the album…

A Different Light is due out 17 November

‘An ode to youth and awakened sexuality,’ ‘Nightbus’ the latest offering from Oxford’s BE GOOD is a woozy nod to the night bus – the most British of romantic spots and one we all know far too well.

Lustful and unsteady ‘Nightbus’ is tinged with a fogginess that goes hand in hand with stumbling to the back of the night bus. With vocalist Ash Cooke’s invites – “It’s late do you wanna go cruising / are you tired of getting off to bad music?” – ‘Nightbus’ is set to soundtrack endless late night escapades. And one things for certain: this definitely isn’t bad music.

‘Nightbus’ is out now

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