Tracks Of The Week, 21.04.17

A personal plea to her estranged brother, Caswell’s second single – ‘Brother’ – is hauntingly beautiful; the kind of track you feel bad enjoying, but in all its darkness is just so lovely.

Amidst lines like “Brother, won’t you tell me why you’re sad; Maybe you’ll see, that I am not the enemy,” and pleas for him to realise his own mistakes, Caswell weaves pianos and synths. Waves of next to nothing followed by masses of sound make ‘Brother’ endlessly exciting. In just two singles, Caswell has not only learnt to tackle such tough issues in such a delicate way, but also refined a sound that is nothing like anything else.

‘Brother’ is out now.

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming EP Fig, Suffolk’s SuperGlu have released their brand new single, ‘Simmer Down’: and what a single it is.

Sometimes, when a band makes music, you can just feel the energy coming out of it; and such is the case with ‘Simmer Down’ (though the same could, of course, be said of everything that SuperGlu create). Super sweet, building to an anthemic finale, ‘Simmer Down’ is addictive. Having headlined the BBC Introducing stages at Reading & Leeds last year, ‘Simmer Down’ sees SuperGlu fit for the mainstage: this is music to sit on your friend’s shoulders and yell along to.

Fig is out later this summer. Catch SuperGlu live:

25 May:
Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester
10-12 August:
LeeFest: The Neverland, Tunbridge Wells

Drifting somewhere between Royal Blood and Kasabian, combining the energy, noise and swagger of both, Sly Antics’ latest offering ‘Motion’ sets the tone for an exciting new phase for the band.

As the band say themselves, ‘Motion’ is Sly Antics’ nailing their sound, combining a host influences to create something that just clicked.

With ‘Motion’ drawing lyrical influence from lead singer Sam’s time on the Bristol rave scene, its influence is clear sonically; if only in the sheer energy of the track. ‘Motion’ is, indeed, the sign that Sly Antics have found their sound.

‘Motion’ is out on 19th May with a launch party at Manchester’s Deaf Institute on 20th.

Worlds away from previous tracks like ‘Film Club’ and ‘Kiss?’ but handled with just as much poise and wit, ‘Dust’, the third track from CHILDCARE’s Made Simple EP sees the band tackle global warming and nuclear strikes.

‘Dust’ places mankind on a stove – frontman Ed Cares singing of sweltering temperatures and impending doom, all while distracting us with the sonic sweetness of the track itself. Yet while it distracts, the track never takes away from the seriousness of the topics. Instead it softens the blow of Ed’s straight to the point lyrics, and, in fact, encourages us to face the truth. Indeed, I never thought I’d love a track about humankind cooking like scrambled egg, yet here I am with ‘Dust’ stuck on repeat.

CHILDCARE’s Made Simple EP is out now. See CHILDCARE Live:

18th – 20th May – The Great Escape, Brighton
4th – 110 Above Festival
11th – Leefest: Neverland Festival

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