Tracks Of The Week, 21.06.14

Following singles including ‘Kathleen’ and ‘Rango’, everyone’s favourite Welsh indie-rockers are back with new tune, ‘Fallout’; and, having already received acclaim from Radio 1, Xfm and 6Music, it would seem that Van and co. have done it again.

Catfish And The Bottlemen’s new single is filled with McCann’s distinctive, resounding husky vocals and all those angsty, catchy melodies that we have come to know and love. Accompanied by an entertaining video of some dancing white van men, ‘Fallout’ proves to be yet another compelling indie anthem from the Welsh lads; with Strokes-esque slick licks with the Bottlemen’s characteristic rough edge, this is an alluring track that will have you singing along at first listen.

Here at Gigslutz, we are also extremely excited by the news that The Bottlemen’s much anticipated debut album, The Balcony, will be out in September – we can’t wait!


Hailing from East Texas, and currently causing quite a stir with their gritty rock ‘n’ roll, Purple are about to release their first UK single – ‘Wallflower’. This raucously riotous offering sees Hanna Brewer’s impassioned, gravelly vocals flipping the stereotypical gender norms, telling tales of pursuing a disinterested crush – I’m the girl – you’re supposed to be chasing me!” – whilst she pounds pummeling climatic beats out of the drums.

Opening with a powerful, reverb-fuelled chord that may fool you into thinking you’ve gone back in time to the days of Hendrix and Page, ‘Wallflower’ is filled with all the post-punk angst and vigour you could ever need, interspersed with blasts of nostalgic, classic-rock riffs. A fervent statement of intent, with shades of Hole and Distillers, that will leave your fists clenched and head banging, chomping at the bit for another taste of Purple’s exciting rebellion.

‘Wallflower’ will be released digitally on 30th June.



Their first new material since their breakthrough debut, Spacehopper, Reading quartet – Tripwires – return with a one off new single: ‘Total Fascination Stuff’. Seemingly appropriately entitled, this psychedelically atmospheric track could indeed be the stuff that fascination is made of; with sunny, twinkly melodies, it is the perfect accompaniment to a summer’s day. Whilst retaining the whirring reverb and wonderful cacophony of psych-rock distortion of previous material, ‘Total Fascination Stuff’ is a warmer offering than what’s to be found on Tripwires’ debut, with more defined melodies and a generally more complete sound.

With a second album in the pipeline, this new track is a perfect taste of what’s to come, and it’s sure to keep you hungry for more. At a time when shoegaze-inspired sounds are rife with the likes of Toy dominating the airwaves, let’s hope that Tripwires finally start to get the recognition they deserve.



Formerly of Mika Miko, sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin have reinvented themselves as LA duo, Bleached, with new song ‘For The Feel’. Inspired by the likes of the The Kinks, you can certainly sense the pair’s love of all things ‘60s in this track. This cheery slice of scuzzy surf-rock is filled with crunching guitars, catchy melodies and blissful harmonies – a joyously uplifting Beach Boys-meets-Best Coast sunny hit. So, get out your surf boards, head on down to the beach and catch some waves – your summer just got brighter!

‘For The Feel’ is the title track to Bleached’s new EP, released digitally next month via Dead Oceans.


Mari Lane


Mari Lane

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