Tracks Of The Week, 22.07.16

Following the success of their charming last single ‘53’, Icelandic duo Pascal Pinon have now shared a brand new track from their upcoming third album. Describing their sound as “simple and honest, filled with both melancholy and optimism”, twin sisters Jófríður and Ásthildur Ákadóttir couldn’t be more right.

‘Orange’ is a moving, heartfelt offering flowing with delicate piano chords, sweeping emotion and raw, intimate vocals that somehow ooze a subtle power whilst remaining endearingly fragile.

Whilst you can’t help but be reminded of fellow Icelandic singer Bjork, Pascal Pinon have proved they’re capable of creating something entirely unique. ‘Orange’ is utterly captivating.

Sundur, the upcoming album from Pascal Pinon, is out 26 August on Morr Music.

‘Beach! Beach! Beach!’ – my thoughts exactly whilst sweating away in the city during the recent heatwave, and also the title of the latest offering from ‘Barth’ Corbelet and Delphinius ‘Del’ Vargas, aka Bosco Rogers.

Exuding retro surf-rock riffs, alongside lush harmonies and fuzzy synths, ‘Beach! Beach! Beach!’ is overflowing with vibrant psychedelic vibes. A joyous, energy-filled summer offering.

Post Exotic, the new album from Bosco Rogers, is out now via Bleepmachine.

With singles ‘Strangers’ and ‘Nowhere’ released last year, indie rockers COLOUR have received acclaim from the likes of Clash, Shortlist and The Daily Mirror. Having released a four track EP last month, the band have now shared a brand new single.

‘Kerosene’ is a catchy indie ballad filled with uptempo beats, jangly riffs and deep, distinctive vocals.

Having just impressed crowds in London with gigs at Gold Dust and Birthdays, and played at The Great Escape festival, COLOUR are now set to play Kendal Calling on 31 July.

KAFÉ, the debut EP from COLOUR, is out now.

Former producer GUTS has now decided to divert his energy to recording an album with other musicians; with Florian Pellissier, Greg F, Leron Thomas, Kenny Ruby, Tibo Brandalise and the vocals of Von Pea, Don Will, Lorine Chia and Tanya Morgan, his new project was formed.

Fusing together musical influences from Cuba, Africa and Russia, new track ‘Rest Of My Life’ oozes funk-filled infectious rhythms, chilled beats and soulful vocals. An absolutely perfect accompaniment to these sunny days we’ve been having.

Eternal, the new album from GUTS, is out 29 July on Heavenly Sweetness.

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