Tracks Of The Week, 24.06.16

Collaborating with the world’s leading 3D printing designer Frances Bitonti, electro duo Feral Five have created something pretty special.

‘Rule 9’ uses sounds created from Bitonti’s printing algorithms alongside synth-laden melodies, throbbing beats and vocals using nine different languages from around the world.

An eerie offering, hypnotic beats race as tension mounts throughout ‘Rule 9’. There’s no doubt this inspired slice of ‘Datapop’ will whisk you off your feet – letting you escape the rather bleak reality of right now, and get lost in its glitchy, other-worldly sound.

‘Rule 9’ is out 22 July.

As well as having a pretty awesome name, Melbourne duo Mannequin Death Sqaud create very awesome tunes.

Fronted by the charismatic Elena Velinsky, Mannequin Death Squad have now released a new track. ‘Sick’ races with an unrivalled driving intensity and raucous energy, blasting out raw, gritty riffs and fierce, impassioned vocals.

It really is pretty Sick (as in the 14 year old in the early noughties meaning of the word).

‘Sick’ is out now. 

London-based songstress Leena Ojala is no stranger to the world of music; having been playing the guitar since the age of 16, she has been perfecting her craft ever since.

Upon hearing Ojala’s delicate vocals and emotion-filled pop creations, you wouldn’t immediately put her forward as a candidate to cover Outkast’s 2003 uptempo classic, ‘Hey Ya’. However, she has proved she’s more than capable.

Filled with the soulful, majestic grandeur of her smooth vocals flowing alongside dreamy electro-pop melodies, Leena Ojala has put her own completely unique spin on the infamous track.

Not to be confused with ‘The Orb’, Australian psych-rockers Orb are here to restore your faith in rock ‘n’ roll with their raw, thrashing sounds.

Upon first hearing ‘First And Last Men’ when Jon Hillcock was sitting in for Marc Riley on 6 Music earlier this week, the track’s sludgey riffs, pounding beats and rasping vocals instantly grabbed my attention. A scuzzy, reverb-strewn cacophony that your ears deserve to devour.

‘First And Last Men’ is taken from Birth, the upcoming LP from ORB, out 1 July on Castle Face Records.

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Mari Lane

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