Tracks Of The Week, 26.08.17

Bringing a dose of summer which the British weather expertly failed at doing, Worst Place have shared their beautiful new track, ‘Dreamer.’

3 minutes of shoegaze-y, (rather aptly) dreamy, pop ‘Dreamer’ is the latest in a string of releases that have seen Worst Place get the attention of 6 Music’s Tom Robinson. It’s understandable. Blending a charming sweetness with a psych-tinged darkness, ‘Dreamer’ is the perfect accompaniment to summer: lashings of sunshine, with sprinkles of darkness. While it may be the opposite to what we actually get, stick ‘Dreamer’ on and forget about your woes. It’s easy enough to do.

‘Dreamer’ is out now

Back with their 5th single, ‘Teddy Boy,’ Dukes of Wolves are proving themselves to be the gift that keeps on giving.

With nods to Queens Of The Stone Age, and an energy to match, ‘Teddy Boy’ is huge, with unrelenting riffs and grungy vocals layered over fierce percussion Dirty, driven and anthemic, ‘Teddy Boy’ shows a band who are very certain of themselves. Despite only forming in 2016, Dukes of Wolves know what they want to do, and they do it very well. This is a band who belong on festival main stages: watch out for them in muddy fields.

‘Teddy Boy’ is out now

With a new sound that’s miles away from his previous folk/country leanings, Nick Ferrio has shared ‘Soothsayer,’ the title track from his upcoming album.

Leaning more towards 70s power-pop, and heavier rock and roll, ‘Soothsayer’ is a bit of paradox. In Ferrio’s own words: “Soothsayer is a song about getting my fortune read, getting sage advice from a close friend… it led me to decide to make rock and roll on my own terms.” Indeed, whatever Ferrio’s fortune, he’s taking matters into his own hands, taking a new direction and, with an injection of 70s inspired energy and funk, taking it to a whole new level.

Soothsayer is due for release on 28 September

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for an indie ballad, so I’d like to thank Space4Lease their latest offering for my gloomy, feeling-sorry-for-myself playlists, ‘If It’s True.’

Reflecting on the single, vocalist Grayson Hamm said: “trials and tribulations…love gained and lost are thing everyone can relate to or sympathise with.” True, perhaps, but few can put such feelings into words and music as flawlessly as Space4Lease have done (if at all). It’s about mistiming love, portrayed through faultless vocals and perfectly considered instrumentals. It’s beautiful.

‘If It’s True’ is out now

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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