Tracks Of The Week, 26.09.16

A year or so ago I was skeptical about the apparent trendiness of duos. Two-pieces seemed to be crawling out the wood work and though none were particularly bad, I found the whole idea of it getting a little mundane. Yet I’m learning to love them, and London’s Tokyo Taboo are the latest to help curb my cynicism.

Comprised of vocalist Dolly Daggerz and guitarist Mike, Tokyo Taboo certainly don’t lack punch – nor talent. Their latest single ‘N.A.R.C.I.S.M’ is an insight into just how exciting Tokyo Taboo are: Mike’s love for riffs paired with Dolly’s brutally honest – but completely compelling – vocals make for a track that just oozes cool. In fact, everything about ‘N.A.R.C.I.S.M’ is cool as sh*t, and topping the whole thing off with a general image inspired by Manga, Japanese culture, drag and 80s fashion, Tokyo Taboo are set to be your latest love affair.

The band’s debut album 6th Street Psychosis is out 25 November via TT Records.

Described by the band themselves as “a stentorian hymn, laying praise to the chimerical paradise of an eternal existence; a battle of sacrifice and realisation of humanistic fear”, I almost feel incapable of talking about Baba Naga’s latest offering ‘Plná Krvy’. Nonetheless, I’ll try my best.

Sonically, ‘Plná Krvy’ is magnificent; ‘stentorian’ is, in fact, almost the only way to describe it. thunderous and completely consuming, there’s something euphoric about Baba Naga’s doom and gloom, the band themselves surrounded by some sort of shamanic aura, conjuring up a sense of the beyond.

Though perhaps unsettling, and no doubt beyond the understanding of mere mortals like myself, ‘Plná Krvy’ is, ultimately, an immensely brilliant track.

“Plná Krvy” / “DeificYen” (the second in a trilogy of self-released 10” EPs) will be released physically on 4 November.

As the stream of bands coming out of Scandinavia gets more and more frequent, Norway’s Chain Wallet have quickly secured themselves as front runners in the scene. ‘Faded Fight’, the latest single from their upcoming debut album, sees the band juxtapose the clichéd rain of their country – Chain Wallet instead opt for youthful riffs and a sunniness perhaps more closely associated with the likes of LA.

Hand in hand with a video celebrating youth and creativity – the video exploring Norway’s nightlife through a bunch of insanely cool tattoo-artist friends – ‘Faded Fight’ is the exact breath of fresh air we need at this time of year (while simultaneously making me want to move to Norway and befriend cool people). Though the album itself explores all sorts of themes, their lo-fi sound seems a perfect fit for the those explored in ‘Faded Fight’. Norway’s done it again.

Self-titled debut album out 7 October via Jansen Plateproduksjon.

With Canada’s Bleeker hitting the UK for the first time ever, now’s as good a time as any to get acquainted.

Following the lead single from their EP, the latest single ‘Where’s Your Money’ sees Bleeker establish their spot as a leather-clad, painfully slick rock ‘n’ roll band. Reminiscent of The Black Keys, boasting vocals that Scissor Sisters would be proud of but ultimately a rock ‘n’ roll band ‘Where’s Your Money’ is just a glimpse (though definitely a very good glimpse) of what Bleeker are capable of.

Effortlessly cool, hugely addictive and very, very, funky ‘Where’s Your Money’ is a falsetto masterpiece: it’s more than enough to ensure Bleeker break the UK.

The band’s self-titled debut EP is being given a special 7” UK vinyl release on 30 September via Five Seven Music.

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