Tracks Of The Week, 28.10.16

Part of EP TWO – the follow up to EP ONE and his return to music – Paul Draper has shared ‘Friends Make The Worst Enemies’.

Self-produced, and co-written by Catherine AD (The Anchoress), ‘Friends Make The Worst Enemies’ is just over 5 minutes of addictive melancholy; of wonderfully powerful melodies.

Sad, sure – “it feels like my life’s imploding” maybe a touch melodramatic – but perhaps just a very honest look into Paul’s mind, the track is reminiscent of Mansun, but refreshed. With EP ONE being his first release of new music in 12 years, the follow-up proves that Draper had his break, and he’s fully back in business.

Paul Draper’s debut solo album is due for release in spring 2017.

Rounding off a wonderful year, The Van T’s have shared their latest track, ‘Fun Garçon’. 2016 has seen the Glaswegian surf-rockers support the likes of Honeyblood, Yuck and Rat Boy, as well as festival slots at T in the Park and Electric Fields.

‘Fun Garçon’ is the perfect way to top it off: a beautifully crafted, relentlessly cool cherry on top of their 2016 cake. The duel vocals of twin sisters Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson give a retro feel to the track, ramped up even more by a stupidly tight rhythm section.

Unapologetically noisy, and with the twins’ shouts of “I’m gonna be okay / ‘cause I don’t really like you”, ‘Fun Garçon’ is proof that while youthful in their wit and charm, The Van T’s are beyond their years in talent.

‘Fun Garçon’ is out on 25 November.

Time to add another friendship to envy to the list; this time in the form of Gurr (Andreya Casablanca and Laura Lee). With their latest release ‘Walnuts’ / ‘Walnuss’ (yes they released both an English and German version) the Berlin duo have convinced me to scrub up on my German just to be part of their squad.

Having met in an American Studies class, the influence of a US West Coast sound is clear: ‘Walnuts’ is fun, relatable, but with an underlying garage growl. Carefree, but simultaneously almost unrivalled in its addictiveness, ‘Walnuts’ combines American pop-sensibilities, garage influences and an air of cool, calm and collectedness reminiscent of their hometown. Now, someone find me my A-Level German book.

Their debut album In My Head is out today (28 October) via Duchess Box.

A glimpse into their debut album, Sacred Paws have shared the b-side to latest single ‘Everyday’, ‘Rest’.

‘Rest’ almost mirrors how the band work: disjointed perhaps – Elidh resides in Glasgow, while Rachel lives in London – but working together to make something rather spectacular. Disjointed is by no means a negative term when it comes to Sacred Paws. Rather, their off-kilter rhythms, numerous layers and combination of various styles makes for something really captivating; something (as cannot be said for a lot bands) that is truly their own sound.

Having enlisted a brass section for added fun, ‘Rest’ is fantastically infectious, beautifully uplifting piece of indie-pop of the best kind.

Debut album Strike A Match is out 27 January 2017 via Rock Action.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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