Tracks Of The Week, 29.09.14

Having released their debut EP last year,  Yellerkin have now returned to treat our eardrums to something new. The Brooklyn duo are back with ‘Tools’ – an uplifting, psych-pop offering filled with iridescent harmonies and an otherworldly, atmospheric aura.

Describing ‘Tools’ as “a kind of anthemic, generational song”, Yellerkin have succeeded in creating a scintillating track. Reminiscent of the bright melodies of the likes of The Naked and Famous, with pulsating ‘80s pop beats, ‘Tools’ is filled with a contagious, vibrant energy that will have you reaching for the neon paint in no time.


Scottish guitarist and songwriter, RM Hubbert, is about to release his third album – a collection of previously unreleased songs telling heart-rending tales of love, loss and pet dogs…

One such track is ‘Elliot’ – a wonderfully inspired instrumental piece, created alongside Luke Sutherland of Mogwai. Filled with traditional folk melodies and graceful harmonics, ‘Elliot’ oozes a timeless beauty: a perfectly austere creation with just the right amount of captivating, magical charm.


With a name inspired by a Birthday Party song, Bullybones are soon to release a debut double A-side – ‘I Feel Sorry For You/ Deadflower Girl’.

Spanning an eclectic range of influences, ‘I Feel Sorry For You’ oozes an undeniable old-skool Mod vibe, with traditional garage-rock melodies. As Charlie Pullinger’s Pete Doherty-esque, husky vocals emanate with ease, pounding beats and unremitting energy-filled riffs blast from the speakers. Taking me back to those gloriously dingy, sweat-dripping clubs of my youth, I can quite imagine hundreds of dancing teens, all enthusiastically bopping up and down to the unrelenting vigour of ‘I Feel Sorry For You’, whilst singing along to each and every catchy lyric.

A perfect slice of good old, ruthless rock and roll, ‘I Feel Sorry For You’ (with ‘Deadflower Girl’) is out 27th October via Barnstormer records.


Roughly translated as ‘Grounded In The Barn’… Deers’ latest single ‘Castigadas En El Granero’ is full of reverb-filled, sunny melodies. Having just finished a mini tour, the Spanish quartet are to release their new single in November.

The first track that Ana Garcia Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen recorded all together, ‘Castigadas En El Granero’ fuses together pretty, harmonious vocals with an angst-driven, foot-stomping vigour and shades of the ethereal pop The Velvet Underground were known for. Apparently recorded on a phone, the natural, echoey, back-to-basics sound of the track only adds to its charm.

‘Castigadas En El Granero’ is a wonderfully shiny slice of lo-fi garage rock with enough energy for as many barn dances as you can stomach. Out 3rd November via Lucky Number, it’s a track not to be missed.


Mari Lane


Mari Lane

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