Two jailed over music piracy

November 11th seen the notorious owner and administrator of and another individual being sentenced to prison, due to excessive illegal distribution of music online.

The internet pirates, Kane Robinson from North Shields, North Tyneside (aged 26) and Richard Graham from Astley, Leicestershire (aged 22) were both sentenced to spend a totalled period of forty-three months in jail yesterday (November 11th), after both being convicted as ‘guilty’ of illegally uploading and sharing music on the online site,

The two charges are related to online file sharing site, created by Robinson in his bedroom in 2006. Between its creation date and 2011; has seen more than 22,500 links available to 250,000 different titles while clocking up a disgraceful 70 million user total during its lifespan.

Reportedly, one third of the 8,000 tracks posted onto the file sharing website by Graham, who has been sentenced to spend 21 months in jail, were unreleased tracks, potentially damaging thousands of artists’ careers and reputations. Prosecutor, David Groome, stated that a staggering 46 of the 50 best-selling singles between the years of 2010/11 were leaked online and made an appearance on, far before their release date.

Robinson, the convicted owner and administrator of has been stated to say in an earlier court hearing that he was motivated by the kudos of uploading the freshest music first, with hardly any money being made from the site. Robinson himself was arrested in September 2011 through the aid of US Homeland Security and City of London Police. He was convicted of illegally distributing music online at Newcastle Upon-Tyne’s Crown Court and will serve a total of 2 years and 8 months in jail.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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