U2 Perform ‘Dirty Day’ For The First Time In 25 Years

The track was played at their homecoming gig in Dublin on Friday. 

Bono surprised the crowd with a nostalgic 90s track, from their Zooropa album, produced by Brian Eno in 1993. It was the first time since their promotional album tour that the track has been played.

Bono recently spoke about growing up in Dublin with their fathers:

U2 was our way of getting out of their shadow,” the frontman said. “Our way of telling our fathers, ‘I’m not like you. My father Bob didn’t take me too seriously. He could see I was doing a good job of that myself. He did give me a lot of advice. I can still hear his voice when I sing.”

Their Experience + Innocence tour will be coming to a close on 13th November in Berlin. Watch footage of the gig below.

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