Unsigned Act Of The Week: Mike Nisbet ‘Vagrant’

With his biggest headline show to date fast approaching, I have been re-listening to Mike Nisbet’s debut album ‘Vagrant’ in preparation. And I recommend you do the same. Released back in 2011, the album possesses a timeless beauty; with touches of traditional folk along with rootsy Americana, Nisbet creates bluesy ballads with smooth melodies alongside emotive lyrics and his husky Scottish drawl. Inspired by a life on the road, ‘Vagrant’ is filled with endearingly earnest, spellbinding tales of love, nostalgia, waywardness and longing. With intricately strummed blues-guitar, seamless melodies on harmonica and gentle percussion, each track on the album is a warm and comforting slice of folky goodness. Whilst Nisbet does sing of love, it is not simply love of other halves, but also admiration for his father in the song ‘Paint’, for example, as well as love and nostalgia for his Scottish homeland. In my personal favourite, ‘Snow Me In’, Nisbet’s gently powerful vocals sit alongside chiming chords on the piano, telling a tale of a young man’s dreams of moving to the city, whilst still longing for the sea.

However, whilst ‘Vagrant’ really is an addictively lovely creation, Nisbet’s charm does not end there. Live he appears to, unwittingly, possess a hypnotising aura that it is impossible not to become entirely captivated by. The subtle emotive power he commands on stage enthralls and enchants, and his skilled blues guitar and harmonica playing abilities are truly impressive. Therefore, if any of you Londoners are – like me – a fan of all things folk, or simply just a fan of beauty or good honest music, then I really must insist you come along to Surya on 9th October and witness the talent of Mike Nisbet for yourself.

‘Vagrant’ is available on Itunes and a recently recorded collection of some of Mike’s favourite songs – ‘The Leyton Tapes’, – is now up on his Soundcloud:

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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