‘Unsigned Act Of The Week’ – The Savage Nomads – Live at The Garage, 24.08.13

With a change in sound, as well as line up, South London band – The Savage Nomads – certainly appear to be enjoying the repercussions of their dramatic reinvention. With catchier, poppier tunes, though maintaining Cole Salewicz’s distinctive deep drawl, it seems to me that the band have finally found their niche, and with it a solid fan-base, many of whom made the journey to The Garage on a wet and windy Saturday night…

Adorned in tie-dye t-shirts and shiny trainers, The Savage Nomads ooze charisma and an impressive theatrical stage presence, successfully managing to brighten up the rather dreary surroundings. Blasting out energy-filled Indie-rock fused with shades of ‘80s pop and catchy lyrics, the band seem intent on making a name for themselves and putting on an enjoyable and memorable show. Apparently, Salewicz informs us, The Nomads have played at the Garage before, but to a somewhat smaller crowd of one man and his dog… Thankfully, there is a considerably larger turn-out tonight, and deservedly so.

“ We wanted to incorporate all different ideas into the sound; there are too many influences to name” – frontman Salewicz once said, and this is evident upon hearing the band play. Treating us to a variety of both old and new songs, The Savage Nomads are able to showcase their versatility and eclectic style. Whether we’re listening to the Tony Hadley-esque vocals of earlier songs such as ‘An Empty Seat’, or the more spirited and catchy sound of latest single, ‘Jaded Edges’, however, one thing remains the same – the high standard of the music that’s being created.

Regardless of the age, or style, of the song, The Savage Nomads are consistently able to generate musically complex riffs fused together with multiple guitars and atmospheric interludes. The band as a whole seem incredibly tight and rehearsed at playing together, and appear to be highly skilled at constructing perfectly complementary compositions. Pete on drums, for example, remains impeccable throughout, delivering flawless pounding beat upon flawless pounding beat.

So, put together some eclectic ingredients – a few Libertines-esque jangly riffs, mixed together with some ‘80s pop, and a touch of some cool, alt-rock inspired vocals – and what you’ll come up with is the enthusiastic Indie-pop sound of The Savage Nomads. A band who, at the Garage on Saturday night, despite the bad beer and blinding green lights, put on an incredibly enjoyable and high quality set of songs. If you have an ear for exciting, guitar-filled new music, and haven’t yet had the pleasure of being introduced to The Savage Nomads, then I highly recommend you check them out.

The new single, ‘Jaded Edges’, is out next month, via bandcamp.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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