Ones To Watch: Garden

Loud, lavish, and certain to linger in your consciousness, Garden are about to become your new favourite band.

Garden are one of Birmingham’s most intriguing new assets. Whilst they might be new to the game, there’s no doubt in their ability to play it. Having unveiled their debut track online last week, the outfit have found themselves shrouded in support and encompassed by compliments. When you hear their guitars phase into life, it’ll be clear to see why.

With members of Bad Moon, Wide Eyed, and the recently-reformed Heavy Waves making up the band roster, there’s something of a supergroup feel to Garden’s set up. Renowned they may not be, but from the second you hear resounding guitars kickstart their music into life, you know you’re on to something special.

‘Blind Viper’ is the band’s first (and currently, their only) track available online – serving as a potent introduction that’ll place you deep under the group’s spell. All-encompassing and fully entrancing, the song will take you high before leaving you dry, exhausted, and completely enraptured.

Frontman Jordan Crawford’s distinctive drawl will send shivers up your spine before screeching through to your core, whilst sprawling refrains and electrifying guitar solos ricochet through an echoing soundscape that will swallow you whole.

This is a band at the very start of creating something great. Their roguish character both astounds and allures, making them unlike anything you’re likely to discover elsewhere.

Sure, dropping out of more shows than you play isn’t exactly an ideal way to launch yourselves into the musical stratosphere, but it has shrouded the band in an air of the unpredictable. Chaotic, shambolic, and downright mystifying, Garden have a hard-to-resist charm that comes with knowing exactly how good they are.

It’s rare that a band can capture your attentions and ensnare your affections so rapidly – Garden’s music not only speaks for itself, but carries itself with a confidence that will pummel itself through your system before you can begin to draw on the strength to resist.


Jessica Goodman