Video Killed The Radio Star: Gigslutz New Music Video Round Up

Wampire Get Dark for ‘The Hearse’

Before I harp on about how much I love Wampire’s new video for ‘The Hearse’ let me fill you in on what you can expect.

1)   A young model appears for a photoshoot with a photographer

2)   The photographer takes some pictures of said model

3)   Model and photographer share some sexy eye contact

4)   Photographer shoots model – literally

5)   Model tries to run away

6)   Photographer captures model and runs into the night

Meanwhile, there’s a shady looking detective type character that is in close pursuit while the photographer ties his hostage up in his psychopaths lair.

Oh, and did I mention that its all set in the 80s?

This video is complete with so many retro references that it would leave a rubik cube running scared. Between the band’s name – (which quite frankly is ridiculous to say out loud as a full grown adult) and the electro synth sound of ‘The Hearse’, director Raphaël Pfeiffer seems to perfectly encapsulate the frightfulness of 80s horror movies. And like all good movies, this video packs in an ending that will leave you perplexed but highly entertained.

Fuse ODG – Million Pound Girl (Badder Than Bad)

After watching Million Pound Girl (Badder Than Bad) its clear that Fuse ODG loves to make people dance. What impressed me the most about this video though was his ability to make people dance in the most unusual settings. From the office worker in the street, to the hairdressers in the salon, Fuse’s vibe is apparently so infectious that it even persuades a hardcore gamer to ditch the controller and dance in perfect unison with his girlfriend in the living room.

Fuse recently picked up four Urban Music Awards last week and armed with his T.I.N.A (This Is New Africa) slogan, the proud Ghanaian seems even more dedicated than ever to flying the flag for Africa.

Overall, the video fulfills its fun spirited objective and although the track isn’t quite my taste, I did find myself bopping along and secretly wishing I’d got my weave done at that hairdresser.

Post-Ape Gets Post Apocalyptic for ‘The World Is Over’

The first snippet of Post-Ape’s ‘The World Is Over’ video immediately makes you feel uncomfortable.

The opening grainy black and white image of a man who appears to be tied to a chair writhing around effectively makes you feel like the unsolicited viewer of an Al Qaeda militant video.

To describe parts of this as psychedelic would be an understatement and half of me wanted out of the poor subjects hellish nightmare with the other half craving for an additional 5 minutes just so I could figure out what on earth was going on.

Taking influence from David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Gary Newman, it’s no surprise that the London producer’s latest offering is infused with some sinister synth tones. Nevertheless, the tracks mystical feel lends itself brilliantly to the videos surrealist overtones. Watch this when you’re home alone – lights out – if you dare

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