Video Premiere: Alluri – ‘Man Of Truth’

When you think of ‘indie’ music, you may not necessarily think of Indian artists, but Hyderabad-raised, London-based Redd Alluri is set to change that with his upcoming debut album.

Going by simply Alluri, his album is inspired the complex reflections of a traveller or someone who has moved away from home: feeling culturally like an outsider somewhere, whilst simultaneously feeling at home. Feelings shared by many I’m sure. A Brit by immersion, but Indian by tradition, Alluri fuses together elements from both cultures – creating sonic harmony in the cultural clash.

Album title track ‘Man Of Truth’ is a truly moving slice of indie-rock. Filled with sweeping melodies alongside Alluri’s insightful spoken-word vocals, it’s an empowered and anthemic creation. A track cinematic in its unique grandeur and heartfelt power.

Watch the brand new video for ‘Man Of Truth’ here:

Man Of Truth, the debut album from Alluri, is out 30 September.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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