Video Premiere: Equinox feat. Feral Five – ‘Kiss’

Gigslutz favourites, electro-punk pioneers Feral Five have now teamed up with Mancunian spoken-word artist Equinox to create a captivating fusion of sounds.

Oozing glitchy hooks and throbbing beats, ‘Kiss’ retains an intriguing majesty, oozing a sweeping, hypnotic power. An ethereal cacophony of electro-sleaze intertwined with dark, disco vibes and the JCC-infused tinge of Equinox’s Mancunian poetic drawl, it’s a track that’s bound to lure you into hearing more from these innovative artists.

Now, prepare to be seduced by the eerie, raunchy power of the brand new, Jay Stansfield directed video for ‘Kiss’:

It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin, the new album from Equinox, is out now.


Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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