Video Premiere: One Eyed Wayne – ‘Attack Of The Luxury Flats’

Taking aim at the current housing crisis, One Eyed Wayne pull no punches with their new record Attack of the Luxury Flats.

Opener and title track is an uncompromising start, and the London four-piece are unrelenting from thereon.

Featuring Steve Donoghue’s disenfranchised vocal, Donald Adams’ in-your-face bass, and jolts of angsty guitar, ‘Attack of the Luxury Flats’ builds to a social-commentary ridden chorus reminiscent of The Jam – lacking in neither melody nor power.

Accompanying the lead single, meanwhile, is a video directed by Sleaford Mods collaborator Simon Parfrement which is equally politically charged and to the point.

Donoghue’s inventive wordplay and everyday tales of the man on the street evoke thoughts of an increasingly distant London, one which we are arguably been stripped of by property developers and the current political climate.

Elsewhere on the album, ‘1 2 3 4’ doubles up with the title track to establish an electric opening, before the cheeky knees-up of ‘Shakey Shakey’ offers a welcome alternative side to One Eyed Wayne which they hint at throughout to ensure an intriguing balance.

Steeped in the more charming sounds of the capital, ‘A Little Grey Matter’ and ‘Various Artists’ allude to more melancholic moments of Madness, while the punk sensibilities course through the veins of the record.

Donoghue’s craft for commentating on the events, instances and subtleties of life continues a proud tradition of British songwriting, while closer ‘What In A Moment’ pays homage to all the artists which have influenced One Eyed Wayne, a fitting way to conclude an album which uses all the lessons from the past to attack the present.

Attack of the Luxury Flats is available to buy here.

Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

Rob Conlon

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