WATCH: The Bulletproof Bomb share new video for ‘Suns Of Britain’

The Bulletproof Bomb have shared the video for their new single ‘Suns Of Britain’. Scroll down to check it out

The track is an attempt at creating a cultural item of positivity set against the bleak post-Brexit reality the youth of Britain find themselves in. The track is a centralist resistance to a polarized future and a call-to-arms of sorts for young people to step up and repaint their changing environment into their own vision, the key sentiment of Sportswear Punk.

After bringing out their ‘DIY’ bedroom EP ‘This Aint Rebellion’ last year the band planted the concept of Sportswear Punk and built some nice momentum releasing 7 tracks in 7 weeks creating a concept EP. Following up with this new single the band has taken it’s sound to another level teaming up with Bruno Ellingham (Massive Attack, New Order, The Maccabees to name a few) This is Sportswear Punk presenting ‘Suns Of Britain’.