WATCH: David Bowie – ‘No Plan’

David Bowie has said his one last goodbye with the release of a new music video for ‘No Plan’.

As the clock stuck midnight, the official Bowie Twitter account tweeted a surprise none of us were quite expecting. Before we could start the celebrations for what would have been his 70th birthday, we were greeted with a video for ‘No Plan’.

Directed by Tom Hingston, the almost sinister music video shows TV screens in a shop window displaying lyrics to the track and other images from static screens to doves flying.

The track is one of three new songs on the soundtrack to his musical Lazarus, and were all recorded during the Blackstar sessions. The No Plan EP is available to stream here.

In the year before his death, David Bowie recorded his final album Blackstar in secret, and was described by co-producer Tony Visconti as Bowie’s intended swan song and “parting gift”. During these sessions, Bowie kept his cancer diagnoses secret and out of public knowledge until his death on January 10 2016, just two days after the album release.

Check out the video below: