WATCH: Footage of The Beatles 1964 Australia tour emerges

Footage of The Beatles 1964 tour in Australia has been released by EMI Records, almost 50 years on.

The recordings were taken when The Beatles landed down under on June 11, 1964 and began their 13 day stay in the country. During that time they played 20 shows in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, however, after that the band never returned.

Although, manager of The Beatles Brian Epstein did promise to bring the most talked about band in the world back to the Southern Hemisphere if they maintained their popularity. But in 1966 the band quit touring and never played live in public again, apart from the Apple rooftop appearance for the Let It Be Film.

The footage released shows Beatlemania in full swing, with intense crowds just to see John, Paul, Ringo and George. During the short video you see the full effect of what The Beatles had on people; with out of control crowds stretching as far as the eye can see. People even climbed up trees just to try and gain an advantage to get a glimpse of the four lads who captivated the nation during their short stay.

But nothing compared to the turn out they received when they arrived in Adelaide. 300,000 people lined the streets to see them, which is the biggest crowd The Beatles ever had.

The footage is mind blowing but a great insight into how difference music is in the present day.

Even John Lennon had time to crack a joke when asked what he expected to find in Australia, he replied ‘Australians.’

You can watch the highlights below: