WATCH: KJ & The Fox share video to their second single ‘Never Gone Hill’

KJ & The Fox have shared the video to their second single ‘Never Gone Hill’, released through through Vacilando ‘68/Functional Electric on December 4,
The song is an impossibly catchy, upbeat effort – even though there’s a bit of philosophy hiding behind the jaunty riffs and wonderfully slacker-styled guitar solo, which according to the press release is “urging us gently to embrace the essentially ephemeral, passing nature of life’s triumphs.” Singer/guitarist KJ spoke in typically tongue-in-cheek terms about the filming of their second lockdown-produced promo, following their debut (and Gigslutz favourite) ‘Perfect Moments’ in the summer.
“It’s a bit of an expression of what was allowed. We’re outside,  not sitting close, and there’s a fire which we used to sterilise the instruments afterwards. Look out for the cow during Chris’s epic guitar solo. I’m telling people it’s a reference to the cow in ‘Apocalypse Now’, but actually that’s a lie.”

As well as singer and guitarist KJ, the band features bassist Rhodri Marsden (Article 54 / Scritti Politti), drummer Tom Haines and guitarist Chris Branch.