SIIGHTS appear ready to ignite dance floors across the globe with their debut video release, the aptly titled ‘Dance’. The pop duo consists of Mia Fitz (Hozier)  and  Toni Etherson  from  Glasgow,  Scotland.

Speaking to Gigslutz, Toni informs “myself and Mia met in LA while Mia was on tour with Hozier and I was writing for another artist in a studio in the Hollywood Hills.” Indeed, the pair are both songwriters and vocalists in their own right and when they first teamed up they initially wrote music for other artists. Working together the duo quickly decided to start creating and their own sound and so SIIGHTS was born!

‘Dance’ is a contagious pop gem with a modern twist of live instruments fused together with hints of old-school funk from the days of 70s disco. The accompanying video is also something of a talking point with the video centred on the importance of self expression

and having the  courage  to  follow  your  dreams.  Directed by Payne Lindsey (Naughty Boy, Pusha T), Mia said “we wanted to make a video that would hopefully help to inspire people to get up and try to do whatever it is that they have always wanted to do or whatever dream they have. Life is short and it’s not about having to be the best at something, it’s about having the courage to try.”

The video release provides a taste of what to expect from the intriguing duo who will release their first single early in 2017!

Words: Bazza Mills

Twitter: @bazzamills

Bazza Mills
G'day my name is Bazza Mills! Whilst my wife watches reality TV shows, I enjoy listening to music, going to gigs and taking some photos. Growing up between Scotland and Australia exposed me to a variety of music and my tastes range from The Stone Roses to Guns N Roses. Typically, I love most things guitar based and have a love for live music and photography!