WATCH: South London’s finest RAY BLK with the visual to ‘My Hood’

If you are a lover of music who appreciates raw material, you will love what RAY BLK has created with ‘My Hood’ (Produced by Courage). Not only is the song alone powerful but the visuals go hand in hand.

50/50, RAY BLK’s previous visuals that was released last December set the tone for what we should expect from her. She’s very real and isn’t trying to pretend she is something she isn’t, by her using the inner city of London as a viewer you soon identify with her if you didn’t already lyrically.

‘My Hood’ which was shot by ‘Hector‘ shows off RAY BLK’s unique tone and capabilities vocally. She has the perfect blend of what it means to be an R’n’B singer but at the same time has the right mixture of soul attatched to it.

“Socks and sliders everywhere and everyday, full English breakfast at a cafe not a café”.

This line alone just shows you who this song is aimed at, it’s not for the rich neither is it for people who want to pretend they are, it’s for the working class, people like herself, people who have actually grown up in ‘the hood’ and know what comes along with it.

The visuals start with RAY BLK looking into the camera with a backdrop of her logo that then transcends into her sitting on a chair which then pans down to her in socks and slides, ironically. The setting alone of where she is sitting has that London feel, it has that typical council estate decorum; it’s very old fashioned with a small box for a television that to me alone speaks a thousand words.

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It then has cut scenes of her sat in a chicken shop which is such a simple shot but the way it has been executed is impressive. It isn’t lit up, it’s very dark inside that to me gives off the idea that even though she is talking about how much she loves where she is from, there is also a depressing side to it.

The visuals then go on to show other typicality’s of growing up in the ‘hood’ as a black person; from her doing her friends hair to Stormzy sitting on a barber chair for his verse staring back at himself in the mirror.

This song and visual blew my mind and i’m thankful for the randomly selected Spotify playlist that brought me on to this gem.

I am very excited to hear and see what RAY BLK has in store for us.

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Nicki Knightz

Nicki Knightz

Nicki Knightz

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