WATCH: Suli Breaks teams up with the NCS for ‘Say Yes’

The latest digital campaign from the National Citizen Service (NCS), ‘#Say Yes’, is a high-energy eulogy to the power of saying ‘yes’ and features London-based spoken word artist Suli Breaks. The piece is a positive spoken word tribute through the eyes of a rising star and reflects on the importance of embracing all the exciting opportunities life presents.

The NCS is a once–in-a-lifetime opportunity open to 15-17 year olds across England and Northern Ireland. Taking place three times a year and outside of term time, NCS is a unique two or three week full-time programme that helps young people build important skills for employment, such as resilience, confidence and leadership, build trust between people of different backgrounds, and create stronger communities where giving back is a way of life.

Being active in a number of areas affecting the lives of young people today, 26 year old Suli was the perfect artist for NCS to partner with as his popular YouTube channel focuses on everything from his experiences travelling the world, to his personal thoughts on the education system and the other opportunities available to young people.

Speaking of the collaboration, Suli said, “NCS feel passionate about directly engaging with the same demographics audience my spoken word pieces speak to – so the collaboration was a natural one. The experience of working with NCS was unique given the creative energy associated with the brand. I felt they have taken the delivery of my piece to unfamiliar territory and I feel that we’ve both benefited from the experience.

Based entirely around Suli’s words, the result is a thought provoking and highly creative film, set in a beautiful forest location to the sounds of a bespoke composed audio track. With the grasp that we know Suli has over the English language, it is no surprise that I was hugely inspired after watching it and believed I could achieve anything if I took part – so it’s a shame I’m 26 and not 15!

Check out the video above & if you’re 15-17 years old and are interested in taking part, get in touch with the NCS here.

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Urban Music Editor
With grime and hip hop being major influences on him growing up in South East London, Matt's passion is urban music but over the years he has gathered a hugely diverse taste, ranging from Wiley to The Smiths by way of Machine Head, that has made him a very open minded individual.
Matt Tarr