WATCH: Taylor Swift shares ‘Delicate’ music video

Pop princess, Taylor Swift has unveiled the next video in her reputation artillery, this time coming in the form of ‘Delicate’.

It would seem that with the release of luxuriously adventurous videos for singles ‘…Ready For It?’ and ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, that ‘Delicate’ would have a steep mountain to climb in terms of expectations.  However, Swift and director Joseph Khan have kept it relatively simplistic.  Relatively being the operative word, as this video is still obviously stunning.

Recorded over just two nights in Downtown Los Angeles, the video opens to Taylor Swift being interviewed at an unmarked awards ceremony held in the Millenium Biltmore Hotel, LA.  Swift pokes fun at herself, as she travels around the hotel surrounded by bodyguards (who she can force to two-step at her will)  highlighting that she is so famous the whole world is pointing fingers and trying to attack her.  Cue the attempted jump on it by a bellhop.

After making numerous faces of disgust with a comic appeal in a lavatory mirror, Swift’s ‘magical note’ (which she has been quietly carrying throughout the video), allows her to become invisible.  She then dances and prances amongst the hotel guests, finds herself crawling around on an LA tube and of course, doing the splits on a car in the rain, all while wearing a flapper style blue dress.  Because what else would you be doing if you suddenly became invisible?

The video is understated, to say the least when compared to her previous megabucks outputs.  It was premiered via the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards, where Swift won the prestigious ‘Female Artist of the Year’ award.

Immerse yourself once again in Taylor Swift world by watching the video for ‘Delicate’, below.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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