Unsigned Act Of The Week: Welcome Pariah

Progression of a particular sound, an explicit genre or a specific group of flourishing artists is easily one of the most exciting and rewarding things to witness for any avid music fan.  To watch a band rise from strength to strength – adapt their sound to their current mindset, and to then create something spectacularly breath-taking – is perhaps one of the under-the-radar unnamed wonders of our small world.

There’s one stand-out band’s sound that has grown in sophistication and progressed with sheer style, and this group is Southampton’s own Welcome Pariah.  Releasing their phenomenal debut EP, Catch The Moment, in late 2013, the quartet have gallantly returned with a new, fresh sounding outlook on music, taking the form of double A-Side single ‘Angel At The Gate’/ ‘Endeavour’.

 Catch The Moment was a definite nod to the past, with Gigslutz crediting it as sounding as if ‘”Britpop had finally made its resurrection”.  However, gone are the John Squire-esk bubbling guitar riffs and banished are the banging drum beats.  Instead the lads from Southampton have created nothing other than their own, personal brand and style,  showcased on both ‘Angel At The Gate’ and ‘Endeavour’.

First track of the double A-Side single is ‘Angel At The Gate’; a swirling, fast-paced adrenaline punch into the unknown.  The familiar vocal of John Waghorn snarls: “Let’s lock the gate/let’s lock the gate!” before the track erupts into a fully-blown controlled rampage, dominated by the menacing guitar solo.  The absolute power and determination that this song expels proves that the quartet is finally ready to make their own mark on the industry with their own sound.  This band isn’t going down without a fight.

Following ‘Angel At The Gate’ is ‘Endeavour’; a track showcasing a more mature, mysterious side to Welcome Pariah.  An echo of darkness and swirling, foreboding madness accompanies the spine-chilling sound of ‘Endeavour’ and – as the single reaches its climax – ‘Endeavour’ cements the foundations for Welcome Pariah’s future.  Bursting with moody bass guitar riffs and stunning originality, ‘Endeavour’ is a single for the future that demands to be heard.

Comparing the Stone Roses-inspired Welcome Pariah, the sound that appeared on Catch The Moment, to the progressive sound the band has made on both ‘Angel At The Gate’ and ‘Endeavour’ is fascinating and unbelievable to truly believe.  If you haven’t already worked it out then Welcome Pariah are the ones to watch for the future.  And it won’t be long until they’re the name on everyone’s lips.


Ella Scott


Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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