Welcome Pariah ‘Catch The Moment’ – EP Review

A modern day alternative rock band, mixed with a subtle 60’s psychedelic influence, and sprinkled with a contemporary twist…  Not many people can name many who can incorporate all three genres, and still sound ace.  However, this bazaar blending is exactly what makes Welcome Pariah protrude.

Welcome Pariah are a four piece, hailing from Southampton.  The band itself has already received glowing reviews, and, with anticipation, are finally about to release their eagerly awaited debut EP ‘Catch The Moment’.  Bubbling with scorching guitar solos and ardent, fiery vocals – you’re soon to find a goofy smile widely painted on your face when the EP comes on shuffle.

On the six track EP, Welcome Pariah have created a nostalgia so sensual that the listener feels as if Britpop has finally made its resurrection. ‘The Soldier’, opens up the EP, with hidden subtle influential splashes of the iconic Stone Roses.  A pure John Squire-like guitar riff rings out across the entire track; which perfectly sets an exciting temperance for the rest of EP.  The tumble weed of the past keeps rolling, as we’re propelled into what seems to be, an Oasis inspired track, named ‘Control’.  With choppy, short vocals, layered on top of a banging drum beat – a seriously edgy mood is being projected from the heart of the musicians.

Taking a heavy influence from the 90’s, unquestionably pays off for this band.  A sense of proud triumph springs from the bass guitar, used to delicately enhance the prominent lead, played by John Waghorn.  This crucial feature, which has created the bands unique personality, can specifically be heard on track 4 ‘You Are Everything’.

The penultimate track, ‘Neither Here Nor There’, is definitely a salute to the music that’s changed the face of the world. What’s different about this band, compared to their past influences, is the raw power that radiates. It’s the resonance of a band that has put serious solid work into shaking up such a commercial sound. They’ve done it in style; and it’s utterly compelling and perfectly individual.

Welcome Pariah definitely believe in leaving the best till the end with ‘This Ones For You’ which preceeds instrumental EP closer ‘Luna Halo’  . Waves of nostalgia ripple throughout this song, through the gentle strum of the harmonising guitars; before ripping joyfully into a heart-warming explosion of pure sophistication. 

The EP is definitely about catching the moment; seizing the day, and saying that it’s okay to look back in rose tint. To say the least, the EP is fierce. It’s powerful and it’s definitely going to be rising to fame in a short length of time. It’s brilliantly British rock at its best.

‘Catch The Moment’ EP by Welcome Pariah is available for purchase on November 22nd and will be available on iTunes. Alternatively you can contact the band at welcomepariah@hotmail.co.uk  to purchase a physical copy of the CD.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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