What Is Enterprise Application Software and How Can It Help Your Business?

What Is Enterprise Application Software and How Can It Help Your Business?

Enterprise application software is a large-scale software designed to solve problems for an entire company. The large-scale software gives room for different user roles. The roles of the users determine the actions a particular user can execute.

For instance, let’s say you make use of an enterprise application software in a sales setting. Most enterprise software comes with several abilities and functions. So, this is what it will look like when you use the software in that sales setting:

  • Your salesperson can conveniently log customer’s information. This includes both personal information such as client location and product/service information.
  • Internal-facing employees can take the customer’s specifications in order to build the product.
  • Customer service reps track client issues and communicate alongside internal updates and responses.
  • C-level executives and managers can track employee performance and the client’s progress down the sales funnel.

There is no particular set of characteristics that accurately define enterprise software. But generic enterprise apps come with the following features:

  • Business-oriented
  • Extensive performance across several physical locations
  • Users can manage it centrally.
  • Scalability 
  • Comes with the ability to interface with third-party software or enterprise software that the company relies on
  • Robustness
  • It is equipped with a suite of computer programs, including tools for modeling the entire company and common business apps. It also comes with development tools that users can utilize for building custom applications for the company.

What Makes Enterprise Application Software Different from Other Types of Software?

You already know that software is a set of instructions or electronic program data. Only a computer can read software in order to perform an operation or task.

There are two types of software:

  • Systems software: This is the software that runs software programs that enable computers to run. An operating system – such as Apple’s OS and Microsoft Windows – is a perfect example of systems software.
  • Application software: This refers to the software that we rely on heavily to create databases, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and graphics. You can use this software to play games or complete a particular function. This is the category that enterprise application software falls in.

Governments, businesses, and other establishments rely heavily on a wide variety of custom software packages. And as companies grow, the need for custom software development companies increase every day.

The benefits of opting for dedicated or custom software development for your organization far outweighs off-the-shelf software development.

How Enterprise Application Software Can Help Your Business

So, what is enterprise application software, and how can it help your business, you ask? Well, you already know what enterprise software is. But here are some of the common uses for enterprise application software:

  • Scheduling
  • Order processing
  • Procurement
  • Energy management
  • Accounting
  • Customer information management

Enterprise application software can help your business in the following ways:

  • Cloud Computing

According to IDG, 9 out of 10 organizations have part of their infrastructure in the cloud in 2019. The others will follow suit by 2021.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tech experts anticipate that many software development companies will use AI in enterprise applications this year. And this is to boost efficiency while enabling the improvement of workload management and predictive analysis.

Integrating Ai into enterprise application software makes it incredibly simpler for companies to work with relevant data. Artificial Intelligence proves to be a useful addition even as establishments strive to be more data-driven.

  • 5G networks

Industry specialists say 5G is the future iteration of wireless network connectivity. This means that internet users will enjoy faster connections, higher reliability, and incredibly lower latency.

5G is becoming the next big thing in mobile technology and mobile app development. Employees will work more remotely and don’t have to confine themselves to physical locations. 

Mobile applications will become even more powerful while trends like Virtual Reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Augmented Reality (AR) explode. And even cloud-based services will grow significantly.


If you are still asking the question ‘what is enterprise application software and how can it help your business,’ then this article has done its job.

You can work with a custom software agency or custom software development firm to build your enterprise application software. If you are cash-strapped, then the perfect alternative is to work with a custom software developer.

Ensure the software development company you work with is reputable with a proven track record of success in the field.